*Album of the Year*

Albums like this are examples of why I fell in love with music in the first place. Louis VI released his new album SUGAR LIKE SALT, an incredible new addition to the thriving hip-hop scene in London at the moment. With a background in jazz, having done music courses in his teens, the aesthetic of his music sounds raw with live instrumentation and a soul from his voice and lyricism that is both unique and personal.

The North London talent has crafted a majestic 14 track masterpiece that is a hip-hop album at heart, but is deep rooted in jazz, both in terms of composition and spirit. With artists such as Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia and Melo-Zed featuring on this record, you can really hear the sound of the London jazz scene beam through so beautifully. The depth in Louis VI’s lyrics is also something that needs to be talked about. He really pours his heart and soul on this album. “Floatin'” ft. Jelani Blackman and produced by Louis VI himself is one of the many highlights of this album. The way I interpret it, Louis is floating away from responsibilities and troubles that he faces with other people in his life, proclaiming that his dick ain’t free, a Kendrick Lamar reference that is powerful and relates to the true independence black men seek both from women and a racial struggle that still exists today. That’s my interpretation, but I do need to spend more time with the music as it is deep and reflective. Louis’ second verse on “False Faces” produced by Max Baer is one of my favourites of the entire project. An optimistic tale of working hard to achieve your dreams, told in such a captivating way, I had to rewind it a couple of times to just get the effect of it. “WEST” featuring and also produced by Melo-Zed has by favourite production on the album, which may be a little unfair to Louis who produced most of the tracks, but the textures on that beat are ridiculous. The kid is a genius. 

I could talk about this album for ages, because it’s just that good. Louis VI has hit some sort of emotional chord with me, because I simply can’t get enough of this project. You can listen to his debut album SUGAR LIKE SALT below via Bandcamp and make sure you support him in his journey! You can listen to his 2016 EP Lonely Road of The Dreamer here. Rooting for you all the way man!

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