KING VISION ULTRA’s new project SHOOK WORLD (Hosted by Algiers) is a collaborative masterpiece, shining a light on the incredible experimental independent music talents of this generation

Queens, New York artist KING VISION ULTRA has been an integral part of the independent experimental hip-hop scene in the last few years, with his dystopian, striking and eclectic production making it onto some of the most interesting albums of the last few years. His collaborative album An Unknown Infinite with AMANI is an example of this, and is definitely a recommended listen. He is back with a new mixtape / project titled SHOOK WORLD, a direct collaborative effort with the band Algiers, who are releasing an album of their own soon titled SHOOK. This collaboration spawned a dense musical world of heavy, distorted synths, spoken-word pieces and rap verses from some of the most talented musicians of this generation, and some legends.

At 21 tracks and 58 minutes in length, it is an immersive, fascinating listen. It’s eclectic and varied in sound, yet the density of the instrumentals makes it flow effortlessly throughout. The jazzy, meditative “Inferno of 1992” featuring LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Matana Roberts is sublime and mesmeric and sets the tone for the album. While a big chunk of the album is much more frantic and off-kilter, the talented artists are still able to create a striking soundscape that has me absolutely hooked. The spooky and almost drumless “Irreversible, Devil” is another incredible moment, with ear-splitting synth leads and a fantastic abstract verse from the featured E L U C I D, whose delivery is just menacing. “Untrappings” featuring Dreamcrusher is incredible too, with abrasive, heavy and distorted beats that just hit so fucking hard. A lot of the album is full of surprises and moments that make my ears perk up properly. Nakama.’s verses on “Swing!” and “Stand on It_lite Work”, the latter of which also features Rene Anakwe, are incredible and almost overwhelming. I’ll definitely be catching up on his discography because jheez, man. His flow and delivery on top of his pure lyrical ability is what makes me an immediate fan of his music. “Media Training” featuring Lord Kayso is another highlight, with a fantastic beat that thumps throughout and a stellar verse. “Tragic World Weapon” featuring DJ Haram, Marcus & Dis Fig is another disorienting track, with heavy synths and drums that are almost suffocating, and introspective spoken word pieces that navigate throughout the distorted, dystopian and dark production perfectly. “Vampire Tourbillon” featuring the legend Bigg Jus is incredible too, as his dominant voice is just incredible over the subtle soul beat, while the closer “Watcher’s Shroud” featuring No Land is a beautiful, moody closer, bringing the album to a soothing closer, much like how it opened.

KING VISION ULTRA is a generational artist. With the help of hosts of this project Algiers, he’s able to bring together a consistently mesmeric sound with the help of some incredibly talented artists. SHOOK WORLD is an incredible project, often disorienting but always striking and memorable. There’s just so much to digest, and I definitely predict that it will continue being on heavy rotation throughout the year. Go check this mixtape / project out, and a reminder that Algiers’ new album SHOOK is coming out later this month as well.

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