On Planet Unfaithful EP, Fatboi Sharif and Roper Williams prove yet again why they will both achieve legendary status within hip-hop

Fatboi Sharif will go down as a legend when it’s all set and done. He’s one of the most unique, eccentric and eclectic emcee I’ve ever listened to, both in terms of his abstract lyricism and incredible flows, helped of course by the usually jagged and off-kilter production from the likes of Roper Williams and others. Gandhi Loves Children put him on the map as a promising independent artist and with each and every release he has exceeded expectations, crafting projects that are often disorienting and somewhat difficult to listen to (in a good way, of course). Planet Unfaithful is his new EP along with producer Roper Williams, and continues his streak of impressive music releases, building off his usually frantic and dystopian sound.

The project includes 5 tracks of the most experimental hip-hop music I’ve heard, well… since his last release. “Christ Corpse” sets the album off with an oddly angelic drumless beat, a subtle vocal sample, and a hazy, almost drunk-sounding verse from Fatboi Sharif, who spits effortlessly throughout. “Scrabble Board Pieces” featuring E L U C I D is one of the highlights on the album, with a wailing guitar loop, as both emcees provide poignant verses that showcase their ability to bring their abstractions to life, such as Fatboi Sharif saying “approach God with a handgun after sex with a red zebra”. I don’t really know what this means, but it’s trippy and captivating and just sounds cool. The odd synth lead on “Cinnamon” is disorienting yet dreamy, with Fatboi Sharif’s disorienting and animated verse yet again standing out. “Po Pimping Do or Die” featuring Bruiser Wolf is another fantastic track and collaboration that works so effortlessly. Both emcees have such a unique delivery and flow, with Fatboi Sharif’s horrorcore raps sounding as menacing as ever over an animated and soulful beat. On “Alligator Stew”, Roper Williams’ drowsy beat is complemented by Fatboi Sharif’s muffled lyricism and flow, while the closer “Identity” has one of the more hard-hitting beats, with swirling beats and Fatboi Sharif “praying for survival” throughout a dystopian and again, a disorienting verse that captures his allure as an abstract emcee with horror-like lyrics that are just so entertaining and interesting to listen to.

As I mentioned before, Fatboi Sharif will achieve legendary status soon enough. Nobody sounds like him. He is unique and has carved his own lane and style that will be remembered in years to come. And major props to Roper Williams, who is among one of the most adventurous and eclectic producers working today. Planet Unfaithful EP is an excellent short project highlighting the talents of both artists who are still on the rise.

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