Nelson Bandela’s God Dad Bod

Under neon lights cover the skies of the big city. The hustle and bustle of it all wrapping itself around me. I put my headphones on, and listen to Nelson Bandela’s God Dad Bod.

The funk of “Wonderland” is narrated by our guest, Pink Siifu, who shows you around the luminous and always colorful entertainment district, with narrow streets and secretive passageways that take you on a journey of discovery. It’s only 1 am. The night has only begun! As I turn and meander between streets of this disorienting and hypnotic city, I get dragged by some unknown guy to a club in a quiet part of the city. Nighttime has never felt so lively. As I walk in, I hear heavy grooves, synth and guitar-driven music that are just too groovy. Eclectic fashion around me, a lot of makeup, adventurous hair. Stylish clothing, beautiful women around me. Life is good. The DJ’s are killing it, with lavish, futuristic house-inspired beats and rhythms that are just infectious to the core. Hours go by in a flash, like the strobe and disco lights around me. Red, orange, blue, purple. Colors light the space alive. People stood and sat outside smoking, socialising. The entrancing energies are just so hypnotic to the human body and mind. The dancing carries on, beautiful energy transcends this secretive space under the steps of an old church. As the night went by, slower and more melodic sounds calmed the mood and welcomed romance. “Home Cookin’ sets the tone for this one. The mood turns introspective, as the host gives a heartfelt sung piece that is just so emotive and incredibly poignant. A soulful and atmospheric closing to the colourful, dynamic and quite poetic evening. Guests Nappy Nina, Liv.e, Slika and Sly5thAve do their thing on “Aunties Lullaby” and call an end to a stellar evening of emotive, vulnerable and soulful music.

Nelson Bandela’s God Dad Bod is a gem.

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