Wayne Snow’s Figurine

Orange skies, the sun is rising beyond the mountain tops. Synchronous birds taking flight and dancing with the wind that surrounds them. It’s a frosty morning outside, the crispy grass of my garden is stood tall, shivering. I’m in my chalet in the French Alps, observing the rich and layered choreography of the eagles outside, making myself a creamy coffee, ready to start my day. The living space on the first floor is vast, with a L-shaped sofa creating space for an old, circular wooden table, and next to it, a cozy fireplace. Around the room, scattered, are surround sound speakers that are connected to an old turntable. I approach it, and observe my vinyl collection on a shelf behind the sofa. Wayne Snow’s new album Figurine immediately captures my attention, with its richly elegant orange cover, and I slide it out slowly, and place the vinyl out carefully and place it on the turntable. I turn my speakers and record player on, carefully place the needle onto the record, and sit back down, coffee in my hand, observing life outside.

The synths, vocals and drums on the first few tracks are soulful and mirror the movement of the clouds outside, as they jog across the blue skies. I slide the door to the living room open, and feel the sudden crisp breeze of the winter touch my cheeks. The incredible percussion and guitar leads on “Fom” are as poignant as the smell of pine cones scattered throughout the crisp grass of the cold exterior. I go back in, slide the door shut, leave my cup of coffee on the table, and place some wooden logs by the fireplace. I light them up, and notice the flame slowly emerge, only to explode into life a few minutes later. Wayne Snow’s vocals, along with the rumbling bassline and synths on “Nina” are incredibly poignant and groovy. The flame is now dancing to the rhythm of the track, as I notice snowflakes sprinkle down from the grey skies. “Number One” takes that dance further, with an incredible synth melody and drumming that dances to the beat of the fire, as the bass from the speakers rumble around the room. The keys on “Magnetic” are beautiful, as Oscar Jerome’s guitar melodies and the incredible beat create this infectious groove that is just too good for me not to get up and dance. The warmth from the fire is felt through the music, as the guitar leads provide a colour and personality that mirrors the dynamic nature of outside life. This is an earthly, almost introspective body of work that asks the question of ‘Who is the real you?’, and as I stand alone in the middle of my cozy chalet up in the French alps, I ask myself that same question. As I ponder on my own identity and reflect on experiences that shape my own humanity, I glare out of the window into the depths of the landscape, observing the beauty of the snow-covered mountains and towering trees in the distance. The picturesque view of the outside is mirrored by this heartfelt piece of art, capturing the essence and beauty of being and life around us all.

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