Children Of Zeus find the Balance between the ethereal and hard-hitting on their new album

Manchester-based duo Children Of Zeus have been pioneering the new R&B sound coming out of the UK for a few years now. Consisting of Konny Kon & Tyler Daley, the group have made some of the smoothest and most soulful music in the last few years. Their 2018 album Travel Light put them in the spotlight – an utterly mesmeric album with gorgeous and textured instrumentals, playful and sensual vocals, and introspective emceeing. Since then, they have continued to develop their sound and their brand new studio album Balance is proof of this maturity. The 13-track album is dense with dynamic beats and groove, as well as more ethereal, synth-led melodies that add to the intensity of Tyler’s gorgeous vocal performances.

The opener “Sunrise” leads straight into “No Love Song”, a sensual ballad with gorgeous piano keys and a bass-heavy beat that allows space for Tyler to sing with intensity and passion. Konny’s verse is heavy, as he says he doesn’t have time for love songs as he doesn’t love himself, then proceeds to pour his heart out with reasons why. It’s a revealing moment on the album, already 2 tracks in and I feel the depth of their personalities shine through on record. The dynamic groove of “I Know” features these infectious keys and thumping beat too, with Tyler’s angelic vocals adding to the space and atmosphere of this beat. “Be Someone” is a moody, introspective track, with playful guitar leads and vocals from Tyler and a verse from Konny that touches on the importance of coming into your own, despite personal obstacles and battles, and growing into a confident version of yourself. A notable bar I like from this one is where Konny states “Used to carry weight, not I travel light”, in reference to their last full length album. The hard-hitting drums on “I Need You” are so great, while “Nice & Sweet” is this ethereal, atmospheric track with subtle horns and delicate vocals that capture this moody and sensual tone, especially with those falsettos that are just stunning. “Balance” is another terrific track featuring vocals from Akemi Fox Georgie Sweet that complement Children Of Zeus’ emotive and introspective raps about self love that capture so much relatable truths to the music. “Cali Dreams” is a tribute to LA and potential dreams that can happen to creatives working in music, and Konny’s verse reflects that desire to want to go out and live out his dream. The hard-hitting drums are complemented by synths and subtle strings that add grandiosity to this track. The funk of “42Long” is infectious, while “The Most Humblest Of All Time, Ever” continues with the confident, reflective raps and lyrics that capture their talents so perfectly. They are humble, despite their desire to want to achieve more within music, and this kind of attitude is reflected in this heavy, menacing beat that is perfect for the dynamic energy of this track. “What I’m Seeing” is another intricately produced track, with eclectic drumming and a menacing verse from Konny Kon, who is always able to bring relatable raps to the always lavish soundscape. “Love Again” is another impeccable track that talks about love, heartbreak and everything in between, with a dense and another heartfelt verse from Konny Kon. Finally, “Sunset” concludes the album with this gospel-inspired melody, with angelic keys and strings that again, capture the grandiosity of their sound. It’s a truly great way to end a cohesive and well thought-out album.

Overall, it’s clear from this stellar new album, that Children Of Zeus are continuing on a path of greatness. Their music has always been incredibly soulful and beautiful, but with Balance I feel like they’ve taken another significant step forward with their craft. It really is a true balance between soulful and ethereal sounds, combined with harder-hitting moments that capture their artistry so beautifully. It’s an incredible project, and one I think everyone should support.

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