FLOHIO’s debut mixtape No Panic No Pain is a mesmeric project that puts her on the map as one of the most exciting artists of the year

FLOHIO is a generational talent. The Lagos-born, South London-based emcee has come through with a visceral debut mixtape titled No Panic No Pain, bringing ENERGY to some of the hardest, most dynamic and hard-hitting production I’ve heard in a minute. I literally found out about her incredible talents a few weeks ago through social media, and since pressing play on this exciting and eclectic project, I have been absolutely obsessed. Whether it’s from her incredibly poignant and intricate delivery, or the thumping, crazy production throughout, there’s a charm to this project that makes it a unique and eclectic listen.

Firstly, production is hittin’. HLMNSRA, Take A DayTrip , GENIO, CADENZA, FRED, Jimmy Edgar, Machinedrum and KMIO all deserve a special shoutout for their contributions on the beats. Influenced by left-field electronic music, drill and hip-hop, the beats throughout are bass-heavy, with synth melodies throughout that provide differing tones and energies. The opener “FLOFLO!” sets the tone for the projects perfectly. Dark, eerie melodies and harsh industrial beats (that switch up is so cold!) dominate this one, and again, sets the energy levels of this concise project perfectly. On “Unveiled” she proclaims “Hooded with the elites / You do not see what I see / Inside the hood they love me / How did I turn to this beast? In my own league / Moving like Chip in his prime”. Her delivery on this track and just in general throughout the entire project is so raw and infectious. The colourful synths on “Flash” are great, and her choppy flow and introspective verses make for a superb listen, while the lead single “With Easy” featuring Kasien is a clear highlight for me. His melodic verse is dope and complements FLOHIO’s energy perfectly. The self-reflective “Roundtown” is a great moment as well, and showcases her versatility as a vocalist and someone who can craft memorable hooks. Speaking of memorable hooks, the shouty hook on “Booby Traps” is pretty fantastic. For some reason though, my favourite track on the entire project is “Sweet Flaws”. The simplistic but hard-hitting beat, that subtle but poignant synths throughout, her flow and energy throughout is just so crazy to me. The soulful “Medicine” is a softer, more emotive moment on the album, and it’s definitely needed. The way this tape closes tho?! Wow. “Stuck in a Dance” is such a great, great closer. The textured and colourful melodies and dynamic rhythms of this track are perfect for her animated and dominant presence.

FLOHIO is a star. Her new project No Panic No Pain is a sublime body of work that highlights her talents as an emcee and songwriter, as she brings introspection, soul, heart and a raw, unfiltered energy that sounds exceptional over these 10 tracks. Much love to her, and I hope she only grows and finds more success in the future. Go support!

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