Weekly Roundup (5th October – 11th October)

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I’ve had a personally difficult and busy week, was considering delaying the weekly roundup until next week, but I told myself nah, I’ve got the energy to promote some good music. And there’s been a lot of catching up to do, a lot of these releases have been from a few weeks and months ago, so let’s get into it!


Animated, colourful and witty, Action Bronson’s new album Only for Dolphins is a fun and dynamic body of work

Action Bronson is back with a brand new album titled Only for Dolphins, and it is as animated, colourful and engaging as his other releases. With production from the likes of Harry Fraud, Budgie, Samiyam, Daringer, Alchemist and Bronson himself, the album sounds eclectic yet perfectly sequenced and cohesive. It’s probably his wildest and most experimental album to date, which is testament to his talents as an artist and the ambitions of his vision. Read more


Knxwledge – WT16​.​8_

The legend is back with a new tape titled WT16​.​8_. Knxwledge is known for his consistency, work ethic and output. This new tape is incredible as expected, with soulful, intricate soundscapes and samples of classic and modern hip-hop tunes. The Pop Smoke sampling “dior_” and the drum and piano-centric “animewrld.” are some of my favourites on the project, but the entire tape is full of gems, as with every Knxwledge release. Here’s to hoping he will continue blessing us with groovy, hard-hitting and soulful music. Go support!

Souleance – Les Mouches

French soul/funk duo Souleance have come through with a stellar new release titled Les Mouches. It’s my first time listening to the group and I’m immediately drawn to their dance-heavy, soulful and dynamic sound. The title track kicks the album off in style and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The synth-led groove is frantic and incredible throughout, with thick basslines and an incredible beat that just keeps pulsating, not only on this track, but throughout the entire project. The jumpy and dynamic sound is fitting given the name of the project, which if you translate it directly into English – “The Flies.” The tracks meander throughout thick soundscapes that ooze soul and funk. The piano-led melody on “Mont Maudit” is another highlight for me, a brilliant and energetic track that captures the aura and DNA of the group. Go support this release, it’s incredible!

Nelson Bandela – ATWIAD

Nelson Bandela has been lowkey one of my favourite musicians this year. I say lowkey, because his releases so far this year have been subtle but so essential to me. His latest ATWIAD is another fascinating moment in his lively and incredible discography. He takes classic Prince tracks and rearranges them in a way that is so uniquely Nelson Bandela. The loud, dominant synths on tracks like “ATWIAD 5” are complemented by incredible beat arrangements, while the gorgeous piano keys and rhythms on “ATWIAD 4” are also so incredible. He continues to excel with each and every release, recreating classics but also pushing the envelope of what modern music can sound like. He’s a true innovator, and I hope more and more people discover his music this year.

Saharas Greenery – Science Of The Formless Self

Talented Maryland producer Saharas Greenery has released a stellar new project titled Science Of The Formless Self. It’s my first introduction to the talented artist, and I’m immediately drawn to his eclectic beatmaking style, bringing jittery drumming, smooth synths and samples that perfectly complement the atmospheric soundscapes he’s able to produce. Tracks like “The Most Anticipated” and “To Mee Frm U” are phenomenal in their ability to create smooth, fascinating soundscapes that feel atmospheric yet very textured and dense. It’s a phenomenal project that everyone should check out!

Loraine James – Nothing EP

London-based electronic producer Loraine James impresses again with a brand new release titled Nothing EP. The thumping, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable project is full of energetic and memorable moments. The dark, eerie tone of “Nothing” featuring Uruguayan singer Lila Tirando a Violeta sets the tone for the rest of the project, with dynamic and crazy drumming as well as overpowering synths that just sound incredible. “Marg” featuring Farsi rapper Tardast is another great moment on the track, with infectious energy and almost angsty verse from the talented musician. “The Starting Point” ends the album out beautifully with gorgeous synths and piano keys that sound warm and lavish. It’s a fantastic body of work that continues to show why Loraine James is one of the most talented musicians out there right now.

MAARTEN – Poy Sian จังหวะ

Bangkok-based DJ and musician MAARTEN has released an impressive new project titled Poy Sian จังหวะ. The beats on this hip-hop release are incredible, lavish and poignant, with Thai music samples and compositions that are complemented brilliantly with hard-hitting beats and vocal samples. All tracks are named in Thai, but the smooth and funky tone of “จังหวะ ห้า” sounds incredible, while the cosmic and futuristic “จังหวะ สิบ” is another stellar moment on this project. Go support this project, there are some incredible moments on here, with crazy vocals and compositions!

Amore Bey – Flow Of Life

Amore Bey is going to have a busy next few years. The talented hip-hop musician has released a gorgeous and soulful album titled Flow Of Love, a project that genuinely flows freely and perfectly from track to track. The soulful and beautiful production is just so lush, and Amore Bey’s incredible flows, singing and lyricism throughout make for an engaging listen. Colourful tracks like “In Real Life” and “Essence” are examples of the smooth and incredibly textured compositions, and the introspective lyricism that sounds so relatable. It’s a project I can put on from start to finish and let it ride out – Amore Bey has this ability through his flow and cadence to captivate me with his vocals and lyricism and I’m glad I discovered his music this year. Go support!

Pacific Yew – Wayfarer & Frans (Singles)

Legendary California producer Pacific Yew is back with 2 new singles titled “Wayfarer” and “Frans”. They are two tracks off his upcoming album Squeeze Demo, which is set to be released on the 30th October. As with every Pacific Yew release, the guitar-led compositions and subtle synth and basslines throughout give both tracks an ethereal, potent vibe that just feel warm and just incredible throughout. His ability to create a sound that is reflective and utterly mesmeric is a reflection of his talents as a producer, and I cannot wait for this new album!

Weekly Playlist

Action Bronson – Golden Eye (Only For Dolphins)
Action Bronson – Sergio (Only For Dolphins)
Action Bronson – Marcus Aurelius (Only For Dolphins)
Lex Amor – Clocks (Freestyle) (A COLORS ENCORE)
Goya Gumbani – Blasé (A COLORS SHOW)
Pacific Yew – Wayfarer (Single)
Pacific Yew – Frans (Single)
Saharas Greenery – Thoreau (Science of the Formless Self)
Amore Bey – In Real Life (Flow of Life)
Kenny Segal – corduroy shorts (Single)
Souleance – Aquarelle (Les Mouches)
Elusive – Broaden Your Horizons (Horizons)
Stoney Willis – Universe (Only God Will Wipe The Tears)
Ghetts – IC3 ft Skepta (Single)
Loraine James – The Starting Point (Nothing EP)

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