Deradoorian’s Find The Sun – a masterclass in subdued rhythms, eclectic melodies and haunting yet utterly beautiful vocals

The mystique around Deradoorian’s music has stayed with me ever since I discovered her talents. Her experimental and rhythmic sound, complemented by her gorgeous vocals has made the LA/ New York-based artist one of the most exciting voices in recent years. I never know exactly what to expect with a new Deradoorian album as her music tends to be vast and incredibly varied, so I was naturally excited to learn that she was releasing a new album. Find The Sun comprises of 10 gorgeously captivating tracks, meandering between Can-inspired guitar-led compositions and more ethereal, synth and vocal-led records that just bring such incredibly profound and infectious energy. It feels like a prog album, not only due to the length of the tracks themselves, but its seamless sequencing and pure experimental energy.

The subtle guitar-leads on the opener “Red Den” are poignant and soothing, with Krautrock-inspired melodies that complement her stunning vocals throughout. The soothing vocals and warm rhythms on “Corsican Shores” are incredible too, with emphatic drumming. The textured and energetic “Saturnine Night” is another fantastic track, with incredible grooves throughout led by the infectious drumming. The stunning “Monk’s Robes” sounds like it would fit perfectly in a soundtrack to a David Lynch film. One of the centerpieces on the album is the 9-minute thriller “The Illuminator”. The heavy drumming is complemented by subtle flutes and desolate sound effects that are ethereal and tribal. The percussion is tribal throughout the 9 stunning and captivating minutes. “Waterlily” and “Devil’s Market” are more melodic and colourful tracks that bring out her more angelic and ethereal qualities. “Mask of Yesterday” is similarly soulful, with subtle guitar melodies and basslines that give it an infectious groove. The closer, “Sun”, is a a hypnotic and meditative way to end the album, with a reflective energy and profoundly beautiful vocal performance. The guitar leads are incredible throughout and produce this mesmeric, utterly breathtaking quality that really exemplifies the extent of her talents.

Deradoorian is a unique and gifted artist. Her mesmeric and utterly soulful voice is complemented by her vast talents as a multi-instrumentalist, and the vision she had on Find The Sun was truly inspiring. I encourage everyone check out her new album – a masterclass in subdued rhythms, eclectic melodies and haunting yet utterly beautiful vocals that capture her aura perfectly.

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