Weekly Roundup (29th June – 5th July)

Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a decent Sunday. There’s been more amazing music being released recently, so I’m excited to share some gems I’ve been listening to for the past week or so.


On Mordechai, Khruangbin have been able to create more of a subdued, rhythmic album with moments of pure funky brilliance

Where their 2018 album Con Todo El Mundo felt more explosive and grandiose in sound, with its lavish and emphatic guitar grooves and melodies, Mordechai feels more subdued but equally as textured and mesmeric as anything they’ve put out. Khruangbin have been able to create more of a subdued, rhythmic album with moments of pure funky brilliance. Inspired by Thai funk, Latin rock and psychedelic soul, the group’s sound defies characterisation, as they continue expanding their sound further and further. Read more

Black Women’s music to support yesterday, today and tomorrow… continued

I’m excited to continue my series of celebrating Black Women in music. Doing this just shows how many beautiful and talented women there are making exceptional music, from all corners of the world. Please do check out the first edition here. Also, if you’re still looking to find new reading material and information on organisations to donate to and petitions to sign in relation to Black Lives Matter, find it here.

Without further ado, here are Black Women’s music to support yesterday, today and tomorrow… continued! Read more


Scott Xylo – Chapter 2: Death And Rebirth

Leicester-based music wizard Scott Xylo has returned with a brand new project titled Chapter 2: Death And Rebirth, the follow-up project to Chapter 1: El Mago. Listening to it for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the incredibly lush and layered sound, beautifully capturing the ethereal, angelic quality that has been a feature throughout his entire discography. From the gorgeous opener “Death Of The Space Wizard” to the melodic, otherworldly closer “Icarus,” the album sound pure and utterly majestic. Coming from the name of the title, it makes sense. Scott’s vision of death and rebirth in the form of music is so inspiring and beautiful, it’s impossible not to feel enamored by it. “Sanctuary” featuring the heavenly voice of BASSACO is an example of this. The incredible melody and groove throughout is great, but that psychedelic guitar solo near the end? WOW. It goes without saying at this point, but Scott Xylo is one of the best talents this country has seen in the last two years or so, and my respect for him runs deep. Go support this one!

Budgie – The Good Book II – Chuuch Preach Tabernacle

UK-based producer Budgie has been releasing incredible beats for quite a while now. His collaborative projects with legend Alchemist The Good Book introduced me to his skills as a producer and have been a fan ever since. The Good Book II – Chuuch Preach Tabernacle is basically his portion of The Good Book II, released on The Good Book II. So it’s not really a new project, but I felt like writing about it because it is genuinely amazing. The incredibly guitar and bass-driven beats are funky as shit, and his ability to create colourful soundscapes through his incredible beatmaking speaks volumes about his talent. So go support this for for real!

Extra Soul Perception – New Tangents In Kampala, London & Nairobi Vol. 1

In November 2019, eight artists from Kenya, Uganda and the UK spent a week in Nairobi together exploring new tangents in soul music. The result is New Tangents In Kampala, London & Nairobi Vol. 1, a compilation project a collective of talented artists from these places, experimenting with new ideas and sounds, pushing the culture forward. Faizal Mostrixx (Uganda), Hibotep (Uganda), K15 (UK), Karun (Kenya), Labdi (Kenya), Lex Amor (UK), Lynda Dawn (UK) and Maxwell Owen (UK) are all on this project, and it’s a smooth, soothing and incredibly beautiful one. “Probably Never” by Maxwell Owin & Xenia Menasseh feat. Joe Armon-Jones is a captivating, utterly mesmeric track, while “Roses” with Lynda Dawn and Bes Kept is a deeply groovy and funky cut that brings emotive, soulful energy. The vocals are captivating the groove infectious. The more dynamic cuts on this album include “Ancestry” with Lex Amor, Hibotep & Faizal Mostrixx and Faizal Mostrixx & Karun’s explosive cut “In My Soul.” Both tracks bring tremendous energy with visceral beats and rhythmic flows that capture a tribal energy. “Utokapo” with K15 & Labdi is another fantastic track, with hypnotic vocals and an energy that sounds raw, tribal and quite incredible.

Oliver Palfreyman- Bootcuts

As soon as I pressed play on this, my face crunched up and my head started bobbing. I’ve been praising Oliver Pafreyman since I discovered him a few years ago, and this new 3-track project is just incredible. “Just A Taste/Just A Phase” featuring George Riley kicks off the project with an incredibly soulful, hard-hitting and futuristic sound, with incredible guitar-leads and a pulsating groove that hits so damn hard. And speaking of absolute bangers, “Spiced Ice Tea” is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever heard. This man created a new fucking genre with this and it’s just amazing to be able to witness his growth. “Honey Molasses (Refined)” is stunning too, while “Call and No Response” ends the EP off with a menacing, drum-heavy groove. It’s a fantastic short project that sounds unlike anything I’ve heard in recent years. A truly incredible musician.

Moor Mother & YATTA – DIAL UP

Moor Mother and YATTA have come through with an incredible new collaborative project titled DIAL UP. Released for Bandcamp Day on Friday (where 100% of the sales proceeds go to the artists), the two talented musicians have come through with a hyptnotic and rather haunting album. With heavy synths and powerful vocals from Moor Mother, the album sounds like a trip into the unknown, perfectly capturing an overwhelming kind of energy that is equally as captivating as it is haunting. “SOME OF THESE DAYS” is proof of this, as they bring heavy synths, guitar leads and a glitchy, cacophonous atmosphere that sound engrossing album that feels both unsettling yet calming. There are more incredible moments on this album, so make sure you do support! And shoutout to Moor Mother especially, as she’s been having an incredible year so far. Big up to both of them for this incredible album!

Jwords – Dancepack Vol​.​2

New York-based electronic musician Jwords has released a new 3-track EP titled Dancepack Vol.2. As per usual, her production here is fierce, eclectic and dynamic, which rhythms upon rhythms on three tracks that sound utterly captivating. It’s a vibrant body of work that further cements her position as one of the most exciting talents within the electronic music scene. Do go check her other projects out on her Bandcamp page and support if you can!

Nothing_Neue – Amani

Released a couple of weeks ago, Nothing_Neue’s new album Amani has been on heavy rotation. The producer and graphic designer has released an incredible new album, creating dynamic and eclectic beats that sound lavish and beautifully textured. From the synth leads and beat of “Bloom” to the uplifting and incredible soft tone of “Eternal,” his sound is utterly mesmerising. The funk he exudes on “Changes” is incredible, while the groove and beat on tracks like “Live & Learn” and “Vibrant” are beautiful and atmospheric. Overall he really came through with a terrific album that perfectly captures his aura as a musician.

Vienna – Some Alternate Timelines

Canadian producer Liam Mansfield a.k.a. Vienna has released a brand new beat tape titled Some Alternate Timelines. It’s the first time I’ve come across this talented artist, and I was immediately drawn to his subdued, textured sound. With stunning synths and basslines throughout, this album sounds equally as atmospheric and smooth as it does vibrant and funky. From the eclectic, stripped back opener “Wild & Scenic” to the dynamic and jazzy “New Pants, New Me”, he is able to craft an eclectic and diverse soundscape with subdued, gorgeous synth melodies and a groove that is lush and super rhythmic. It’s a really great project so I highly recommend anyone to check this out.


Denver-Colorado based musician NO-FVCE has released a stellar new instrumental album titled DUENDE. The incredible soul samples and synths throughout provide for an eclectic, soothing and atmospheric listen. Tracks like “EUNICE” and “WHITE LOTUS” are incredible, with their bass-heavy grooves that carry this funky, addicting groove that bring so much energy. “CHEATCODES” with PREEMBILAL is an incredible track too, with an incredible verse from PREEMBILAL. Tracks like “”KIBOSH” and “HERE AGAIN” with Ultraboy are also fantastic, bringing a soothing, melodic touch to the aura of the music throughout. This is a cohesive and incredibly produced album that showcases the extent of his talents.

Weekly Playlist

Khruangbin – If There is No Question (Mordechai)
Khruangbin – One to Remember (Mordechai)
Khruangbin – So We Won’t Foret (Mordechai)
Lex Amor, Hibotep & Faizal Mostrixx – Ancestry (New Tangents in Kampala, London & Nairobi, Vol.1)
Maxwell Owin, Xenia Manasseh – Probably Never ft Joe Armon-Jones (New Tangents in Kampala, London & Nairobi, Vol.1)
Emma-Jean Thackray – Open (Remix) ft Blu (Single)
Swarvy – COOL (Single)
Vienna – Natch (Some Alternate Timelines)
Kase Avila – Minerva (Single)
Tenderlonious – Quarantena (Single)
Oscar Jerome – Joy Is You (Single)
Jyoti (Georgia Anne Muldrow) – Orgone (Single)
Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Living on Stolen Land (To Know Without Knowing)

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