Black Women’s music to support yesterday, today and tomorrow… continued

I’m excited to continue my series of celebrating Black Women in music. Doing this just shows how many beautiful and talented women there are making exceptional music, from all corners of the world. Please do check out the first edition here. Also, if you’re still looking to find new reading material and information on organisations to donate to and petitions to sign in relation to Black Lives Matter, find it here.

Without further ado, here are Black Women’s music to support yesterday, today and tomorrow… continued!

Shy One

Primarily a DJ, Shy One has established herself as one of the most talented and gifted artists within the London music scene. Inspired by Grime, House and Techno, her production is sometimes visceral and punchy, especially on projects like Spoons alongside Kwam. With regular appearances on radios like Balamii and NTS Radio, she continues to excel at her craft.

Cassie Kinoshi

London-based composer, arranger and alto-saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi is simply elite in everything she does. I know her from her phenomenal work with her large ensemble SEED as well as her work with KOKOROKO and NÉRIJA. The amount of accolades and awards for her work is impressive, but it’s the soul and incredible musicianship she brings to her music that makes her so special.

Sheila Maurice-Grey

As a bandleader for London-based phenomenon KOKOROKO, Sheila Maurice-Grey has established herself as one of the most powerful and inspiring voices in the thriving London music scene. She’s also an incredible visual artists and brings the energy of that side of her creativity to her music. She’s inspiring, and continues to show why she’s one of the most musically gifted women in the world.


BASSACO, aka Diamant Ballou has one heck of a voice. It’s angelic, soft and soulful like nothing I’ve quite heard before. Not only this, but her spirit and presence is incredibly beautiful. Even though I don’t know her personally that well, she is lowkey one of my favourite people to talk to at shows because her aura is captivating and her creative vision is inspiring. Check out her boutique shop where she sells Adornments and Elixirs among other things.

Ayeisha Raquel

Ayeisha Raquel is the future. I’m saying it now. There is something about the tone of her voice that sounds so mature and grown, like it’s full of wisdom and experience. Her music is soothing and incredibly soulful, with slow-paced synth leads and piano keys that bring her gorgeous, heartfelt melodies to life. The only thing I’m waiting for at this point is an album or even a short EP. Ayeisha Raquel is the future.


VEDA BLACK has been making poetic, soulful and incredibly beautiful music for a couple of years now, and I feel like this year might be her breakthrough year. As a producer and songwriter, her compositions are textured and ethereal, and her soft and angelic vocal melodies add to potency of her music. I hear she has a new EP coming out pretty soon, so be on the look out for that!

Charlotte Dos Santos

Charlotte Dos Santos has been among my favourite singers since the release of her 2017 masterpiece Cleo (one of best albums of that year according to me). The Norwegian-Brazilian singer continues to release some of the most mesmeric music, as exemplified on her incredible EP Harvest Time. She still has so much potential to blossom even further as an artist, and I cannot wait to hear what else she’s been working on musically.

Kari Faux

Arkansas musician Kari Faux has been making waves for a while now with her captivating, punchy and intricate rhymes. Projects like CRY 4 HELP and Lowkey Superstar showcase her talents not only as a rapper but as a capable singer. And the thing is, she still has so much more to offer musically, so it’s exciting being able to follow her creative and artistic growth these years.

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