Weekly Roundup: 17th February – 23rd February

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week! This week has been busy and exciting with a ton of new releases I wanted to cover. Tame Impala released their 4th studio album The Slow Rush, Ninja Tune and Coldcut released their new and exciting music making platform Jamm Pro and I finally got to see the amazing new film Parasite in cinemas. So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s roundup!


Ninja Tune and Coldcut’s new music-making App Jamm Pro is a must have for producers and DJs

On the 13th February, leading independent music label Ninja Tune and electronic music pioneers Coldcut released their highly anticipated follow-up application for the iPad, Jamm Pro. I was lucky enough to sit with Ninja Tune founder and Coldcut member Matt Black for an exclusive demo, and was immediately impressed by the functionality and the story behind the application. Read more

Funky, lush and beautifully textured, The Slow Rush is Tame Impala’s most cohesive album yet

On The Slow Dive, Kevin Parker continues to establish himself as one of the most forward-thinking and talented artists in the world. Combining a raw, guitar-heavy sound with a modern, slick and electronic soundscape, with Tame Impala he is able to create an album that sounds smooth, psychedelic, groovy, funky, moody, ethereal and utterly stunning. The Slow Dive is an amalgamation of all the best and most memorable sounds from all their previous releases, released in a cohesive and highly enjoyable album. A definite listen and one of the better albums to come out in recent years. Read more

Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite is a gorgeous cinematic experience, representing every emotional tone of the human experience

Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite is beautifully told and features an incredible cast that capture so much humanity and beauty, it’s impossible not to be enamored by all of them. It’s dense with themes of inequality within society, prejudice and the importance of family. I was left speechless, literally for half an hour after the film, just trying to process how amazing it really was. Read more



Brooklyn-based rapper Medhane keeps his streak of phenomenal released with FULL CIRCLE, a self-produced project featuring some of his most intimate music to date. With a dark and eerie tone, the talented artist manoevres through the murky and soulful soundscapes he’s crafted with such precision and soul. It’s a cohesive, concise project with an infectious energy that keeps me going back to it. Great, great project!

AKAI SOLO – Ride Alone, Fly Together

AKAI SOLO is keeping busy this year. His third project in three months has arrived and it is equally as impressive as his previous work. Ride Alone, Fly Together features ethereal boom-bap production and brings the best out of the talented musician. His intricate raps combine introspection, wit and intellect over 17 tracks. I’m happy seeing him continue to shine through his music, and I hope he keeps releasing slaps because he’s really one of the best rappers out right now. Fantastic album!

Bradford Thomas – Bradventure: The Sequel

Richmond, Virginia producer Ohbliv comes through with a new project under his Bradford Thomas persona titled Bradventure: The Sequel. He’s been one of my favourite producers in the last decade or so, and projects like these just show how talented he really is. From the bossa nova groove of “Can It Be” to the groovy and bluesy “Bawdy Tawk,” the talented musician is able to create an atmosphere within the 19 tracks that really capture so much soul and beauty. Thanks man, and happy late birthday!

Elaquent – Forever Is A Pretty Long Time

Ontario-based producer Elaquent has been at the forefront of this smooth and soulful boom-bap sound for a while now. Forever Is A Pretty Long Time is a compilation release, though it feels like a perfectly executed album. With a plethora of features throughout, including the likes of Chester Watson, Guilty Simpson, Cavalier and Blu, the project is a hard-hitting one. It’s a great, cohesive body of work that really showcases Elaquent’s talents as a musician.

Various Artists – Frass FM 5 (Astral Black compilation)

Frass FM 5 is a 16 track compilation album from UK-based label Astral Black. Featuring tracks from the likes of Sivey, Jossy Mitsu, Shy One, Maxwell Owin and F17, this is a thunderous release with a heavy, thumping and eclectic energy. It showcases the very best of the electronic, house and techno scene in the UK and I’m so happy that the scene is continuously growing and thriving. Go check this one out!

Dontcry & Glimlip & Yasper – Roses

Producers Dontcry, Glimlip and Yasper have released a stellar new EP titled Roses. This is my first introduction to all three musicians, and I’m immediately drawn to the colourful, guitar and synth-driven melodies. The beats on here have a bounce and energy to them that are absolutely infectious. Coupled with the gorgeous guitar melodies throughout, this project is sweet ans soulful, and I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store this year!

samplelov – As You Are

Oakland-based musician samplelov has released a brand new album titled As You Are. The album is full of gorgeous guitar-driven melodies that bring such an emotive and ethereal tone to the album as a whole. The project is cohesive, as each track flows perfectly from one to the next. Her vocal performance throughout the 13 track album is sublime and soulful, and adds an angelic touch to the acoustic, guitar-driven release. It’s an amazing release, and I hope she continues to thrive with each and every release.

Illingsworth – i got this fire

Detroit-based producer Illingsworth is back with a brand new project titled i got this fire. As per usual, the producer does not disappoint, with groovy, smooth and engaging beats. From the house-inspired production on “i’m gonna die too” to the angelic vibe of “michael jackson is in hiding,” the 6-track tape does not overstay its welcome, and Illingsworth proves yet again why he’s one of the best producers working today.

Yumi Rose – King Yumi

Chicago-based producer Yumi Rose has released a stellar new album titled King Yumi. This is my first time listening to the talented musician, and I’m immediately impressed by the animated, trap influenced production. There are gorgeous synths and guitar leads that permeate throughout the whole tape, and Yumi Rose is really able to craft an animated, lively project throughout its 12 tracks. The changes in sound and tempo make this a diverse and eclectic project, so big ups! Hope to hear more in the future.

Jerome Thomas – I Don’t Need ft Blue Lab Beats (Single)

London-based singer/songewriter and all-around incredible artist Jerome Thomas comes through with a brand new single titled “I Don’t Need.” It features Blue Lab Beats, who help provide a soulful, intricate and textured beat with heavy drums, incredible guitar leads and an infectious energy that just reverberates throughout. Jerome Thomas’ vocals are incredible as per usual, as he conveys such gorgeous sensuality throughout. I hope Jerome Thomas continues releasing stellar music throughout this year.

Weekly Playlist

Medhane – I WAS JUST IN THE MARA ft maassai (FULL CIRCLE)
AKAI SOLO – Full Blunt Alchemist (Ride Alone, Fly Together)
Adé Hakim – Road Runner ft Jodi (On to Better Things)
Goya Gumbani – Confrontation & Conversations (HGR Presents: A Thousand Months)
Elcamino & 38 Spesh – Yung Lordz (Martyr’s Prayer)
Jerome Thomas – I Don’t Need ft Blue Lab Beats (Single)
Elaquent – Airwalk ft Chester Watson (Forever Is a Pretty Long Time)
Tame Impala – One More Year (The Slow Rush)
Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness (The Slow Rush)
Thundercat – Dragonball Durag (Single)
King Krule – Cellular (Man Alive!)
Maxwell Owin & Xenia Manasseh – Probably Never ft Joe Armon-Jones (Single)
samplelov – 3000 (As You Are)
Dontcry, Glimlip & Yasper – Indistinct Chatter (Roses)
Shy One – Lads (Frass FM 5)
Maxwell Owin & Anurah – TOI 700 D (Frass FM 5)

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