Weekly Roundup: (20th January – 26th January)

Happy Sunday to everyone, hope you’ve had a calm week. This week’s roundup includes one major featured article about trends for the next decade, as well as some excellent releases and singles that dropped this past week and beyond. Exciting times lie ahead I can feel it! So without further ado, here we go!


Predicting the trends in music that will define the next 10 years

In this week’s long featured article, I predict 7 major trends that will define the next 10 years in music. You’ll find my takes on everything from the future of music publications to VR concerts and streaming. A different type of article and one I hope fuels more think-pieces. Read more



Naples based producer Odeeno comes through with what he describes as his most intimate album to date titled MUUDYLAND. The smooth synths and incredibly soulful tone throughout makes this an utterly beautiful and reflective listen. Odeeno continues his streak of incredibly lush and layered projects, and I can’t wait to see where 2020 and the next decade will take him.

Knxwledge. – MEEK​.​VOL5_

Legendary LA-based producer Knxwledge. continues his streak of Meek Mill remixes on MEEK.VOL5_. It’s an engaging project, with funky and soulful production that bring these Meek Mill freestyles and verses to life. It’s a cohesive project, with every track flowing perfectly from one another.

Gelanadius – Cashiva LP

What I love most about doing In Search Of Media is finding musicians from unique corners of the world. Gelanadius lives in a small Russian town called Kansk (before you read any further, Google it). It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, and the music he’s able to produce is absolutely breathtaking, with chopped beats, synth-heavy arrangements and an incredibly soulful compositions that make this a memorable listen.

Lord Apex – Darkskies

London-based rapper Lord Apex has released his highly anticipated new EP titled Darkskies. Produced by Bushi Vibes, the sound of the project is dark and unassuming, with Lord Apex’s poignant and incredibly dense lyricism bringing the music to life. His introspection is refreshing, and I can’t wait to hear what he has in store for the next few years.

iiye – grden​.​3

Pink Siifu aka iiye has released another stellar beat tape titled grden.3. At this point, this man needs no introduction. The quality of output over the last few years has been truly inspirational, and this project here sees him continue in the vain of incredibly lush, funky and soulful beats that capture a feeling of true passion and love.

Green-House – Six Songs for Invisible Gardens

Green-House is the project of Los Angeles based artist Olive Ardizoni. Six Songs for Invisible Gardens is a gentle and beautiful project with gorgeous synths and keys that reverberate through the soft and gentle soundscape. Electronic synths create an ethereal soundscape throughout certain tracks, but the peaceful tone and energy of the music as a whole makes it a great listen.

Organic Pulse Ensemble – The Light Comes Black

The one man Swedish ensemble Organic Pulse Ensemble (led by Gustav Horneij) is back with a new album titled The Light Comes Black. Rhythmic percussion, melodic horns and an infectious, trance-like energy that carries itself throughout the 8 tracks on this album. Great job on this one!

Penya – Penya na Msafiri Zawose

London-based band Penya, led by percussionist Magnus P.I have released a brand new EP in collaboration with Tanzanian artist Msafiri Zawose called Penya na Msafiri Zawose. It’s a colourful, rhythmic release with incredible percussion and an energetic tone that is infectious. I predict big things for the band this coming decade!

Wigflippa – Two​-​Piece

Missouri-based rapper Wigflippa releases a mini 2-track EP titled Two Piece. Both tracks are produced by London-based musician [KMY.], and bring infectious, soulful and boom-bap production as well as introspective and personal lyricism from Wigflippa, who talks about home and personal growth among other things.

Marcos Valle & Azymuth – Fly Cruzeiro (1972 Reissue)

Fly Cruzeiro is the incredible 1972 album from Brazilian jazz legends Marcos Valle and Azymuth. Now reissued for the first time on vinyl, this rare album is seeing the light of day, and deservedly so. With intricate drumming, infectious piano leads and gorgeous synths sprinkled throughout this record, it’s an engaging and fruitful listen. A true classic!

Medhane & MAVI – Myrtle (Single)

Medhane & MAVI really came through with an exquisite new single titled Myrtle. Produced by Chuck Strangers, the smooth and soulful track comes with heavy, passionate lyricism and introspective, personal lyrics that bring such emotive energy. They’ve really created a gem with this one.

Liv.e – SirLadyMakemFall (Single)

Liv.e has been one of the most exciting voices in music for the last few years, and her new single “SirLadyMakemFall” is a reflection of that. It’s a fuzzy, woozy and raw track that has infectious synth leads and groovy basslines that bring a slow yet funky tone that’s just infectious. Her voice is playful and slightly muffled behind the instrumental, but it adds to the charm of the track. Her new album is coming out in April, so looking forward to that!

Weekly Playlist

Medhane & MAVI – Myrtle (prod. Chuck Strangers) (Single)
Liv.e – SirLadyMakemFall (Single)
Lord Apex & Bushi Vibes – The Water Rises Up (Darkskies)
Jon Bap – How Do You Walk Away (Ideas/Demos/Songs From 2013)
Wiki – Promises ft Duendita (OOFIE)
Four Tet – Baby (Single)
Posh God – Space Mpc (Virus 2055)
Teklife – STEP THE F*CK BACK ft Taso (ON LIFE)
DJ Rashad – Pass That Shit ft Spinn & Taso (Double Cup)
Sporting Life – Sports Nation (55 5’s)
Sporting Life – La Sportiva ft Taso (Black Diamond EP)
STAY-HiGH – Look Around (Kush, Rhodes & 808’s)
Marcos Valle & Azymuth – Tristeza (Fly Cruzeiro)
Organic Pulse Ensemble – Mighty Cold (The Light Comes Back)
Green-House – Xylem (Six Songs for Invisible Gardens)

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