Music: Sam Wise – Sorry You Were Saying (SYWS)

House of Pharaohs rapper Sam Wise has come through with a brand new project titled Sorry You Were Saying (SYWS). The talented musician has been making waves recently with his visceral delivery and flow, as well as his intricate and introspective lyricism. This new album further cements his position as one of the best rappers coming out of the UK at the moment.

11 tracks and 30 minutes in length, this is a compact and varied album, with eclectic and hard-hitting production, as well as beautiful melodic hooks and personal lyrics. The album starts off with a soulful cut titled “Velour Intro,” which opens with a woman asking about his mental state, as if in a therapy session, then throwing itself into beautiful piano keys, gorgeous vocals and a bass-heavy beat. His slow-paced delivery here is fantastic, as it shows a more emotive, introspective side to the rapper. “Towndown” features heavy production, with a menacing flow and almost deafening trap-influenced and bass-heavy production. The more melodic, guitar and synth-heavy production on “Frustrated” is another great moment, with the talented rapper talking about frustrations in terms of relationships and women in general. On “Dressed It,” he raps about his own greatness and family over a melodic trap beat. “Issa Slave” is another fantastic track, with a colourful, synth heavy beat. The features throughout the album do a great job of bringing their own styles and personalities to the table. Blanco appears on “Follow The Leader” with a stellar verse, reflecting on his mental health and past experiences over a fantastic beat. Masterpeace is on “Loophole,” a melodic and introspective track, while Miles from Kinshasha kills it with vocals on the album closer “7 Foot,” on a piano-driven instrumental that just closes the album out beautifully. Overall, Sam Wise comes through with a beautifully personal and introspective album, one which sees him continue to grow as an artist. More big things are definitely going to come for this young artist!

Listen to Sam Wise’s brand new album Sorry You Were Saying (SYWS) below via Spotify and don’t forget to support!

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