Music: K the Infinite – Merkaba

I’m really proud of East London-based artist K the Infinite for this release. He’s the head of the BEST creative community/ensemble The Sound Village (I promise I’m not biased even though I’m a member of it, hehe) and an incredibly talented rapper/singer/producer and overall mad creative don. Merkaba is his brand new album, a stunning introspective project highlighting his skills as a skilled storyteller, bringing raw lyricism and wordplay, with a stunningly soulful sonic backdrop, produced to perfection.

The 9 track album spanning 36 minutes is a dense, captivating release that completely blew my mind on first listen. It starts off with “All Good,” a soulful and somewhat aggressive track produced by Lemzly Dale. He reminisces about his past stating at the start that “I read somewhere that reminiscing is the first sign of depression.” His raw honesty not only on this track but throughout the album is why he’s one of my favourite poets. The boom-bap beat on “Her Universe” is hard-hitting, with a stellar, introspective verse from Eklipse. “Her Universe” features production from the homie Scott Xylo, another stellar track, with suffocating vocals and a mysticism that I’ve really come to love from his work. K the Infinite floats his words over the wavey instrumental, talking about insecurities from women around him. “Rambling 5,” is another stellar track, with a fantastic flow and an infectious hook that as the drug-referenced lyrics suggest, sounds spaced out. The instrumental on “Proud” sounds like Radiohead’s “Daydreaming,” with gorgeous keys that allow for K the Infinite to flow impeccably throughout, talking about pride and achievements. “Such is Lyfe” featuring Aneesa’ Marie and emawk is a soulful cut, really bringing this good-feel, upbeat energy to the album that’s much needed after the dense and heavy topics of the album. “Wisdom Of My Youth” is a terrific track too, more on it in my review here. “Kabuto,” named after the Pokemon is a fun, unbeat track, with more introspective and intricate lyricism that just brings his talents as a true emcee to the forefront. “Levels” featuring Kaniva closes the album out beautifully with hard-hitting, hype track with deep, thumping basslines and such incredible energy. Volume went up to 100 for this one. Overall, K the Infinite comes through with one of the most intricately produced and introspective albums this year. I’m really proud of the bro, who exceeded all my already high expectations. Thanks man, really needed this one.

Listen to K the Infinite’s new album Merkaba below via Spotify and don’t forget to support! Released via Mango Juice Music.

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