Call it dank, dope or spectral – Wylie Cable’s new album Lemniscate is a trip

I swear unto the sinister twisted beats Gawds. The Dome of Doom label, run by Wylie Cable, is at its best when it is weird. Straight up strange, left-field and unadulterated as fuck. No seriously. We need the weird, to push the eclectic beats and the rest of the EDM pie to where it needs to get. That’s what Dome of Doom does, fam. Now I’ve always been of fan of the Elusive beat tapes (go buy his recent Afterthoughts on WorldGalaxy/AlphaPup), that’s just my dude and I always enjoy his mind-meld of jazz/hip-hop/electronic and soul. But it was Sullen by Shrimpnose in 2018 that flipped my lid, just a bit. It was like playing like an emo beat tape specifically constructed for a skateboarder on the lam who sips lean along the way. It was just that dirt-freaky.

Then in January, the label hits us with Fantastic Planet by Leilani. Holy schnikes!!!  The release, co-mixed and mastered by Cable, has sold through 4 pressings to date. Leilani, a 19-year-old, Pomona-based artist uses synths, samples, drums, guitars, and vintage toy-like instruments to schleprock through 49 minutes of skillfully constructed mopecore that bites. Beyond Legit.

Now…Label Boss Wylie Cable hops into the trippy beat smash realm with Lemniscate, which according to Wikipedia means something high-minded that we will skip over. Life comes at you fast. Now I did not get around to Cables last release and full-disclosure really have not heard any of his music. Just being honest. But that may need to change soon…Cause this tape….right here? Do not use heavy machinery while consuming this head trip.

Features and collaborations form the bulk of the recordings on Lemniscate, bridging together many minds from the Dome of Doom family: AHEE, Holly, CLYDE, Gangus, and SnakeFoot.“When I chose people to collaborate with I always want it to be someone who’s artistic decisions I already naturally enjoy, that way I don’t have to spend time trying to steer the project one direction or another, and you get to let people do what they are most talented at without restraint”. Sticking to Cables word, the first couple of tracks are just hectic with activity. Video game bleep euphoria running roughshod over breakbeats rising up to nosedive into nasty toilet breakdowns. Squelchy bass blots working through frail moments the next. Steely soundscapes, upright and rigid in your earhole. It’s a damn experimental beat battleship. Brittle steely and grey.

“Oculus Non Vidit” is the first head-nod narrative to show up. It mushmouths itself through, in and out of drum and bass aspirations quite succinctly. “Wool” feat Snakefoot gives us a taste of the bubbly bass swinging in a fun mood. And finally “Nobokov in Montreux” we get a stripped away, bare naked still moment, where modal music gets the focus.

Lemniscate is not for the linear minded may actually fuck you up. But if you like the terrain twisted AF, bass tones eating themselves, breakbeats chasing video game bleeps…

Call it dank, dope or spectral…But just call it.

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