Music: Ego Ella May – So Far

London-based singer Ego Ella May comes through with an anthology album titled So Far, consisting on tracks she has released in the past. It’s organised in a cohesive manner, showcasing her talents as singer, also bringing excellent, soothing production the table.

After the the gorgeous, piano-driven “Bull – Intro,” the talented singer is able to create a truly ethereal tone throughout the whole album. With beats, sweet and soulful synths, ass well as groovy basslines makes for an excellent release. “How Far” has those exact qualities, with her vocal performance being nothing short of breathtaking. “Tea & Sympathy” is an incredible track, with stellar, drum-heavy production that brings passion and a soothing, beautiful overall tone. “Being Loved” has hard-hitting drums that keep a hypnotic, rhythmic sound that is just so infectious. “Come On” with Kojey Radical and “Rush Hour Crush” are other highlights, while “Last Time I Checked” sees the talented singer doing a spoken word piece over a smooth, synth-heavy beat. Overall, Ego Ella May really came through on this release, showing us why she’s one of the best neo-soul singers at the moment. Her hypnotic, ethereal and beautiful aura will continue to shine through, and I’m sure that with even more new music on the horizon, she will be able to properly break through and gain the recognition and respect she truly deserves.

Listen to Ego Ella May’s new anthology album So Far below via Bandcamp, and don’t forget to support! Released via Tru Thoughts.

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