Snoh Aalegra’s relatable and immersive new album Ugh, Those Feels Again makes it an album of the year contender

Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra is among one of the most talked about and celebrated neo-soul singers of this generation. With the release of her brand new album Ugh, Those Feels Again, the talented singer is able to capture one hell of a mood and tone, bringing her feelings to the forefront in a highly relatable manner and with the backdrop of some of the sweetest, most soulful production I have heard this year.

The incredible basslines and grooves on “Here Now (Intro) and “I Want You Around” kick this album off in a sublime and gorgeous manner. The latter track has some stunning keys and synths that elevate the track to this hypnotic, angelic tone that’s incredibly emotive. With heartbreak and love being some of the main themes of this album, this project does an amazing job of reflecting her thoughts through the soothing, intricate production. “Situationship” features some stunning electronics and synths, which are complemented by incredibly warm synths and basslines, with her vocals bringing such power and heart to the track. “Love Like That” has an 808 beat that reminds me of an old Drake ballad with the glossy instrumental throughout. Similarly tracks like “Nothing to Me” contains an energetic, funky beat that is similarly complemented by stellar vocals and harmonies. “I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love” is a gorgeous, harmonious ballad with chopped vocals and Snoh Aalegra singing her heart out, and “Peace” ends the album with a heavy, Portishead inspired beat that acts as a hard-hitting, reflective end to an inspiring, fantastic album. Overall, the talented singer is able to craft a cohesive body of work that I’m sure will inspire a next generation of soul and R&B singers.

Listen to Snoh Aalegra’s great new album Ugh, Those Feels Again below via Spotify and don’t forget to support! Released via Artium Records.

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