Music: Samiyam – one on each planet

Prominent member of the Los Angeles beat scene Samiyam has released a 7 track album titled one on each planet. The album is distinct to Samiyam’s sound, blending a mixture of obscure samples with loose of grid drum patterns, character-filled Analogue synth melodies and speaker pulsing 808s, Its a must listen to all the beat heads out there.

Throughout this album, Samiyam combines his authentic laid-back sound with some trap-style elements. This is most prominent on hard-hitting tracks “U and me” and “Thriller”. The album was mastered by Jonwayne, who’s been keeping busy as a mix/master engineer recently. Would love to hear an album from the two at some point.

Check out Samiyam’s latest release via Bandcamp in the link below. He has stated that in the first month of purchases all proceeds will go to the family of the late legend Ras G. Much respect to Samiyam to the generosity shown. Make sure to support!

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