Music: De Lorians – De Lorians

Grown from the always-dynamic and eclectic Tokyo music scene and led by Takefumi Ishida, playing sax and synth, De Lorians are a band that defy genre. Their new self titled album De Lorians is a brilliant, immersive and eclectic listen, with freaky horn instrumentation, psychedelic guitar leads and emphatic drumming throughout.

The album starts off with “Daytona,” a guitar-led track which also features keys and synths throughout. The melody is gorgeous and changes up throughout the record, with more dynamic guitar and horn leads coming in and creating an energetic tone near the end. The high-paced guitar-led energy of “A Ship of Mental Health” is quite a moment on the album, as its composition swirls around, with tempo shifts and electric instrumental moments. The slower-paced tone of “Roccotsu” is almost moody and meditative, with horn leads bringing a jazzy, textured sound to the record that is beautiful and hypnotic. The closer, “Toumai” is an excellent way to end this album, with a slower-paced melody near the start of the track, as electronic guitar and saxophone leads bringing this intense energy throughout. The subtle drumming adds to the pace and groove of the track. As the track progresses, the energy and tempo increases, bringing the track and album to a triumphant closer. Overall, this eclectic and creatively impressive album is worth the listen for some intense, jazz-rock vibes.

Listen to De Lorians‘ brand new album De Lorians below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

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