New visuals from NYC based Ghost Funk Orchestra conceptualizes the band’s psyche meets rock and soul prowess

Seth Applebaum, the mad scientist behind Ghost Funk Orchestra, has designed a modern take on New York’s psychedelic band scene that employs a dose of the offbeat. Tone bending frequencies, big horns, soulful vocals, and uncomfortable time signatures still compel folks to dance in the chaos. The once lo-fi boutique project has expanded into an 11 piece outfit that uses skilled eclecticism to run Stereolab post-rock lounge biz directly into David Axelrod baroque orchestration. Without pause… You can’t peel your ears away from the rich sonic text. It’s a smackdown that feeds cheerful WTF grins to anyone who listens.

“Walk Like a Motherfucker”, was the lead single from the upcoming début album A Song For Paul, a tribute to Seth’s late grandfather Paul Anish, is exactly the Spaghetti Western funk-jazz ditty you would expect from a Quentin Tarantino film. Fuzzed out guitars, hazy but loud vocals chewing scenery, and a swinging horn line to boot. Somebody holler at Samuel L. Jackson,  Jules Winnfield walk-on music, 25 years after “Pulp Fiction”, is ready. Listen to the single below via Bandcamp.

You can visually get tripped up in their prowess watching the video “Seven Eight”, a song about having a crush. When writing the song, the band chose an awkward time signature because having a crush will make anyone feel a little awkward.” 

The group will release their debut album, A Song For Paul, on August 23 via Colemine Records (who have put out records by Durand Jones, Ikebe Shakedown, Black Pumas and Neal Francis upcoming in September).

Photo taken by Jeanette D. Moses
Ghost Funk Orchestra, The Footlight, 12/08/18

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