Music: LOELASH – Prisma EP + exclusive interview

Italian producer LOELASH comes through with his exciting, debut project titled Prisma EP. An exciting new prospect in the London electronic scene, the talented musician has crafted a focused album that’s fun, beautifully textured and engaging. His hard work and dedication really paid off, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

The EP starts off with “Intro (Silky Thorns), a synth-heavy track that builds up with electronic effects, percussive elements and an infectious, groovy beat. The project as a whole is a fun, feel-good listen, with melodies on tracks like “Commas” and “Conscience” bringing smooth, synth and key-driven grooves that sound lush and beautiful. The arrangements on these tracks are great and show off his talents as a diverse producer. The stand out track for me, however is “Space Samba,” with percussion being sprinkled throughout the track, as well as saxophone leads that sound incredibly rich and poignant, especially when they are complimented by swirling synths and keys, adding so much depth in texture and tone. The project ends on the eclectic “Dunes (Outro),” a brilliantly, upbeat track featuring synth notes, accompanied by a groovy bassline and a feel-good vibe. Overall, LOELASH impresses immensely with a musically rich and textured release, one which is bound to be played to death by DJs all around the world.

I had a chance to speak with LOELASH and talk about influences, creative process and future projects and ideas in an interview you can listen to below.

Listen to LOELASH’s excellent new EP Prisma below via Soundcloud and don’t forget to support!

Martin: Who do you look up to the most and what kind of inspiration did they carry for this album? 

Loelash: When I make music I am always inspired by the artists I listen to the most in that particular period of time. For Prisma it was definitely Sam Gellaitry. I had just discovered his Escapism series and they completely blew me away. What stuck with me the most from his EPs are definitely the drops and melodies and the sound design he used for every track.

Was there a particular moment in time when music just clicked for you, and made you want to take it seriously? 

Music has always been part of my life, even before I was born. My parents are both classical musician and used to have a piano duo. While my mum was pregnant they were on tour around Europe playing music mostly from Chopin and Schubert. I would say that I decided to put all of myself in music around 4 years ago, when I moved to London.

Did you come up with a pre-meditated idea for this release, or was it something you experimented with until you were fully satisfied with the result?

I usually don’t have pre-meditated ideas when I sit down and start a project – I like to go with the flow and see what vibes and feelings that very moment, when my hands touch the keyboard, is bringing me. I do have to say though, once I realised what vibe Prisma was going to have, I tried to stick with it throughout the whole EP.

Following on from the previous question, what was your creative process like?

I usually start with chords. They are the basic of any of my tracks. Over the years I created different chord progressions that I use very often. Other than this, I do not really have a structure when making music. Everything comes naturally, at the right time.

How do you go about organising and doing live shows? I know you play a few instruments – has that had an effect on your creative process for your music and live performances? 

Since most producers just DJ with their tracks, I decided to work on a live show to keep the crowd interested and stimulated by watching what I am doing, which is pretty crazy – I jump from an instrument to another during every track and I think that gives power to the performance more than anything else. 

It definitely influenced my creative process because it has made me think about the ‘live side’ of the track when composing it.

I’ve gotten to know you a little bit over the last year or so, and you always seem calm, happy, very well spirited and relaxed. It seems from the sound and energy of Prisma that you were in that state of mind, but I was wondering whether you ever get super stressed or anxious about the music you make, and how you deal with it. 

That’s only because we always met at amazing events and I genuinely was so happy to be there! But that’s also my character – I am a really positive person, although sometimes I do get anxious and super stressed, even about the music I make: you will get what I mean when you’ll hear the second EP I am currently working on.

Do you see yourself collaborating more with other musicians in the scene? How is that process like as opposed to making music purely by yourself? 

Absolutely. I am already looking forward to meeting other amazing musicians and working with them!

I think putting the ego aside and have mutual respect between each other are the two fundamental rules when it comes to making music with other artists. It can be really challenging when one of these (or both) is missing and turn the whole thing in a huge waste of time.

Are you working on anything else at the moment? 

As I mentioned before, I have another EP in the works and I will play a few tracks at my release party. I would say it has got a more mature sound and in general it proves that I paid more attention to how the crowd will receive the songs when listening on their own or at my gigs. Can’t wait to release that either. But for now, let’s focus on Prisma!

Let’s focus on Prisma indeed! Thanks a lot for this wonderful project, and I’m always looking forward to hearing new music from you!

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