Music: YUNG BAE – Bae 5

Portland, Oregon based future funk producer YUNG BAE comes through with a heavily infectious and fun new album titled Bae 5. Described as ‘future funk,’ his music contains infectious basslines, guitar grooves, funky synths and high-energy drumming. It’s an awesome, upbeat listen.

I don’t even know where to start with describing this album! “Pacific Standard” kicks the album off with funky synths and basslines, as well as an infectious beat and vocal samples that give this track so much character. The fact that this is the first track out of 11 on this album, and all the tracks are incredibly groovy and dance-heavy… you’re in for a treat! “Must Be Love” again features infectious grooves and high energy drumming, with vocal chops and samples that make this record a disco-infused, dance-centric, upbeat work of art. “Bad Boy” features vocal features from bbno$ and Billy Marchiafava, who bring tons of flow with their party-centric lyrics. Desired is featured on the track “What You Need,” which is heavily influenced by disco tracks of the 70s, with thick textured synths and grooves that make it sound like a retro throwback. The guitar grooves on “Up All Night” feature great and joyful vocals from Paper Idol, while Flamingosis kills it with a vocal feature on “Laa La Laaa,” a track I see myself playing on a countryside drive trip. “We Came to Boogie,” is as infectious as the title suggests, with heavy, heavy rhythms and grooves. The last two tracks “Fell in Love” featuring Party Pupils and “Welcome to the Disco” featuring Macross 82-99 carry that same energy to the energy, with the latter track having more live, percussive instrumentation as well.

Yeah this album is the perfect summer soundtrack. I kept describing it as a fun and upbeat project, nothing has come close to the level of feel-good energy YUNG BAE was able to produce on his new album, so I’m thankful that I’ve come across it.

Listen to YUNG BAE’s new album Bae 5 below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via The Future Of Funk.

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