Music: Ebi Soda – Bedroom Tapes

Hailing out of Brighton, Ebi Soda are a new jazz group, taking experimental jazz to a new level. Bedroom Tapes is their new project, a short EP birthed from a university flat in Brighton. Drum breaks, hectic trombone lines and an intense energy makes this a refreshing, exciting release.

The intense drumming, trombone and basslines on “Resent” makes it a high-energy start to the album. Subtle keys too add an aura to their music, and this is prevalent throughout. “Libra” and “Duhrenger” are similarly dynamic in pace, with the former having more lush and stellar guitar leads that lead the melody of the track forward, but the drums keep the track alive. “Lake” features a vocal performance from J Harli, who provides heaps of soul to the track, over lush instrumentation, with keys and drums being complemented my smooth and soulful trombone. “Daughter of Doris” ends the album with an upbeat, soulful melody, with keys and trombone leads dominating the track, to an explosive end, with all the instrumentation building up near the end, making it an engaging, fun listen. Overall, this album is a great introduction to the band, and I hope they’ll be making more fantastic music in the future.

Listen to Ebi Soda’s new album Bedroom Tapes below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! Released via Sola Terra.

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