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In Search Of Radio: Flying Lotus Special

Flying Lotus released his 6th studio album Flamagra in May. It was a phenomenal album, and having listened to it at least 10 times, I decided to record a 2 hour Fly Lo special celebrating the legacy of this musical genius. Read my extensive breakdown review of Flamagra here, and listen to the two hour special below. Tracklist is included of course.

Flying Lotus – Post Requisite (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Massage Situation (Reset EP)
Flying Lotus – Rickshaw (L.A. EP 1 X 3)
Flying Lotus – Comet Course (Los Angeles)
Flying Lotus – GNG BNG (Los Angeles)
Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish (Los Angeles)
Flying Lotus – Testament ft Gonjasufi (Los Angeles)
Flying Lotus – Time Vampires (Pattern+Grid World)
Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus – MmmHmm ft Thundercat (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus – Recoiled (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus – Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus – Galaxy In Janaki (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus – Getting There ft Niki Randa (Until The Quiet Comes)
Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures (Until The Quiet Comes)
Flying Lotus – Hunger ft Niki Randa (Until The Quiet Comes)
Flying Lotus – me Yesterday//Corded (Until The Quiet Comes)
Flying Lotus – Theme (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Tesla (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft Kendrick Lamar (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Turkey Dog Coma (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Coronus, The Terminator (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Siren Song ft Angel Deradoorian (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Turtles (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Your Potential//The Beyond ft Niki Randa (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – The Protest (You’re Dead!)
Flying Lotus – Heroes (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – More ft Anderson .Paak (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Burning Down The House ft George Clinton (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – All Spies (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Yellow Belly ft Tierra Whack (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Black Balloons Reprise ft Denzel Curry (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Fire Is Coming ft David Lynch (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Andromeda (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Say Something (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – The Climb ft Thundercat (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Pygmy (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Land of Honey ft Solange (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Thank U Malcom (Flamagra)
Flying Lotus – Hot Oct. (Flamagra)

Flamagra is released on Warp Records. Purchase the album here.

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