Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR – a triumphant experimental break-up album that ticks all the right boxes

“All songs written, produced and arranged by Tyler Okonma.” Just let that sink in for a second. Tyler, The Creator’s 6th album IGOR has been released, and my god is it a terrific project. As a fan of Tyler’s softer and more soulful side, something he experimented successfully with on 2017’s Flower Boy, I was intrigued to listen to where he would go from there. With an album that mixes lush keys, stellar synths and futuristic beats, IGOR sees him grow as a producer, creating gorgeous and memorable moments throughout the 12 tracks spanning 39 minutes.

Focusing more on production and singing rather than actual rapping, the 28 year old artist was able to create a sound that was both aggressive through some of the heavy production “IGOR’S THEME,” “NEW MAGIC WAND” and “WHAT’S GOOD,” with soulful moments on tracks such as “EARFQUAKE,” “A BOY IS A GUN,” (which includes a stunning soul sample) and the stunning closer “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” There is a cohesiveness to the project that echoes his most recent works, and he really hits a chord with the concept of breaking up with someone you eventually lose interest in, showing conflict in character but an assertiveness towards himself, something he has struggled to have throughout the record. Features throughout are plenty, including  Kanye West on “PUPPET,” Playboi Carti on “EARFQUAKE,” Kali Uchis on “I THINK,” Lil Uzi Vert on “IGOR’S THEME” and Pharrell Williams on “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” among others. With hidden gems and a whole lot of personality, IGOR represents Tyler’s immense growth as a producer and composer. To me he is one of the best musicians working today, just due to the complexity of the rhythms and grooves throughout the project.

So let this album sit with you, replay it and admire the musicianship of one of the greats of this generation. Listen to Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR below via Spotify and don’t forget to support of course. Hope to see him perform properly in the UK soon, though nice try on performing in Peckham’s Bussey Building 🙂

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