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Madlib Samples #22: Starshine – All I Need Is You (12″ Single, Prelude, 1983)

In the extensive list of Madlib samples used throughout his legendary career, there are a few tracks that stand out from the rest. Those tend to be the groovy, compositionally rich and dense tracks with a lot of energy and funk. This time around we are looking at Starshine’s 1983 12″ single titled “All I Need Is You.”

I tried to find as much information as possible on the internet about this group, but couldn’t find much. They were signed to Prelude records, and this was one of the rare singles that were released on the label in 1983.
Apparently, this was a one-off for a studio project put together by the mysterious M-Traxxx with rhythm arrangements by the likes of Bernadette Alston (Touché – ‘Wrap It Up’) and Darrell Alston, synth programming by the likes of Skip Anderson (Twennynine, Lew Kirton, Luther Vandross) and mixing work courtesy of François Kevorkian. Its 12″ promo copy happened to be the subject of heavy bids on eBay back in the mid-2000’s and has now found its way on YouTube as well. The track features heavy synths and an emphatic bassline that dominates the grooves of the track, sounding both funky and very disco-inspired. It was heavily played across clubs in London especially, according to unconfirmed sources, but with the gorgeous rhythms and energetic tone, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

Madlib sampled this track on his most recent production credit – his collaboration with Freddie Gibbs titled “Flat Tummy Tea,” which could be a potential track off their new upcoming project Bandana, set to be released this year. Starshine’s single “All I Need Is You,” was only sampled for the last twenty seconds or so, but it perfectly complements the heavy, synth and bass-heavy tone of the track. The subtle synths of the original Starshine classic are heard on the latter part of the track, lifting the energy and slight melody up, making for a slightly softer tone to the record. Overall, it’s a great gem to discover and it amazes me that Madlib basically decided to place such a subtle sample of a rare track from the eighties.

Listen to Starshine’s single “All I Need Is You” below, released via Prelude Records. You can find purchase information through

Listen to Madlib & Freddie Gibbs’ most recent single “Fat Tummy Tea” below. Released via RCA and off their upcoming new album titled Bandana.

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