Lonely Table present Untitled – a Basquiat-inspired compilation album co-produced by Anja Ngozi & The Vinyl Factory

Ever so often an idea for a collaborative project comes around that sounds so incredibly inspiring and needed. Untitled is a collaborative project between Lonely Table, a London-based music discovery platform, DJ and producer Anja Ngozi and The Vinyl Factory. Together, they have curated a project with 18 artists over 7 different collaborative tracks. The tracklist is below.

  1. Wu-Lu, Lex Amor, Ego Ella May – ‘Legend’
  2. LayFullstop, Moroka, AJ Kwame – ‘Broadcast By Chocolate’
  3. Lord Tusk ft. Roxanne Tataei – ‘Know Ways’
  4. Kojey Radical, Shabaka Hutchings – ‘No Gangster’ (Produced by Kz)
  5. Mala, Joe Armon-Jones, Nubya Garcia – ‘Scratch & Erase’
  6. =CoN+KwAkE= – ‘Same Ol Samo’
  7. Maxwell Owin & Coby Sey – ‘Response to Michel’

Alongside the compilation album, there will be a series of workshops
in partnership with Ruff Sqwad Foundation and Spotligh youth centre which will further explore Jean- Michel Basquiat’s influence on art and music, encouraging more dialogue and collaboration between youth on exploring his ideas further through art and music. Basquiat’s relationship with the music scene in the 80s living in New York was pivotal for the genre, and has been one of the most celebrated and respected artists of his generation. Back in 2017, the Barbican put on an excellent exhibition on his life and legacy. As co-producer Lexy Morvaridi puts it:

“Basquiat saw society for what it was and used his creativity to reflect the issues that affected him most. Untitled is a continuation of these ideals, bringing the themes he presented to a contemporary setting and using music to tackle issues that are still prevalent in today’s society. This album is a visceral response to the times we live in.”

This is exactly why this project is so exciting to me. It will be released on the 31st of May, so make sure you folks are there for it! Released via Lonely Table. Produced by Anja Ngozi, Lexy Morvaridi and The Vinyl Factory.

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