Music: Intellexual – Intellexual

After crafting the classic sound that made Chance The Rapper a massive success throughout his career, Nico Segal (aka Donnie Trumpet) and Nate Fox come through with their own self-titled album. Listening to Intellexual, I was immediately drawn to the incredible chemistry between the two artists through their layered, and densely composed record, which is full of quirks, upbeat and sonically captivating melodies.

Tracks like “Call You” features smooth synth leads and quirky electronic effects that add to the character of the record. Collaborations are plentiful, with the likes of Liam Kazar, Benny Sings, Jean Deaux, Knox Fortune, Nor Elle, Vic Mensa, Sophia Black and Raury adding their own personality to the music. “Sing It Louder” with Jean Deaux is an example of a smooth, gorgeous track that features subtle basslines, a sweet synth-driven melody and some trumpet and percussion sprinkled throughout, making it a beautiful, ethereal track. “Money” continues with that vibe, bringing guitar leads over this soft instrumental. Vocals and a gorgeous string section are added as well, making this one of the highlights of the project to me. The project ends with the mellow “Over The Hill,” with subtle keys and guitar melodies that really make it a poignant and beautiful conclusion to this beautiful album.

Listen to Intellexual’s self-titled album below via Spotify and don’t forget to support!

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