Music: SEED Ensemble – Driftglass

Led by composer, arranger and alto saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi, SEED Ensemble is a ten-piece jazz group formed in 2016. Her work with all-female jazz septet Nerija and the legendary afrobeat jazz group Kokoroko has made her one of the most exciting talents within the London jazz scene, and SEED Ensemble’s new album Driftglass is just a gorgeous, soul-enriching new album that just blows me away on so many levels.

Driftglass contains some euphoric, awe-inspiring moments throughout this 10-track album. The rich, saxophone-led “Afronaut” featuring an introspective poem from XANA is one of the highlights for me, while the slow paced but piano heavy groove on “The Dream Keeper” is just sublime and goosebump-inducing. “WAKE (For Grenfell)” is an emotive track, featuring a sublime and absolutely gorgeous vocal performance from Cherise Adams-Burnett. The latter half of that track is just flawless to me, as it builds and builds over time. The more guitar-heavy track “Mirrors” is another stunning moment as the guitar-licks are interpolated between saxophone leads and drumming, but the guitar melody on this track is just amazing. “Interplanetary Migration” features a heavy beat and a colourful rhythm that is complemented by a lively spoken-word piece from Mr Ekow.

I can go on about how SEED Ensemble’s compositions within this beautiful album are just incredible, but I’ll let the music do the talking from now on. Just know that this collective is going to do big things in the future, and I can’t wait to see them grow this year. Listen to SEED Ensemble’s Driftglass below via Bandcamp, and make sure you support all these fantastic musicians! Released via jazz re:freshed.

Cassie Kinoshi – Alto Saxophone & Composer 
Miguel Gorodi – Trumpet 
Sheila Maurice – Grey – Trumpet 
Chelsea Carmichael – Tenor Saxophone & Flute 
Joe Bristow – Trombone 
Theon Cross – Tuba 
Joe Armon-Jones – Piano & Rhodes (WAKE (For Grenfell), Stargaze #1: KATIN, The Dreamkeeper, Interplanetary Migration) 
Sarah Tandy – Piano & Rhodes (Stargaze #2: LAU, The Darkies, Mirrors, Afronaut) 
Shirley Tetteh – Guitar 
Rio Kai – Double Bass 
Patrick Boyle – Drums 

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