Music: Ratgrave – Ratgrave

Max Graef and Julius Conrad are Ratgrave. The Berlin-based musicians have teamed up to release an eclectic electronic self-titled album on Apron Records. Over 11 tracks, the duo take a journey through a bass-heavy and funky soundscape that mixes the old-retro sound with modern compositions fit for dancefloors around the world.

The tracks on this album are densely layered with synth leads, subtle guitar leads and keys that add texture to the album. An example of how all these elements come together is on the track “Fantastic Neckground,” where the funky bassline throughout is accompanied by key subtle but powerful keys and futuristic sound effects that make this track such a head-bobbing and mind-expanding listen. “Ein Kola Bitte!” is another highlight for me, a jazz-heavy track that changes tempo, tone and is accompanied by vocal snippets, beat changes and what sounds like percussion to add to the character of this track.

Overall, this is a stellar release, giving us a clear and exciting insight into the minds of some of the most talented German producers at the moment. Ratgrave is an album that deserves to be supported. Go ahead and listen to the album below via Bandcamp, and make sure you purchase this one if you enjoy it!

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