Music: Glenn Astro & Ajnascent – Even

Even though this project came out in mid-June of this year, I’m still writing about about it because I think it might have fallen under some people’s radar and it’s terrific. Glenn Astro and Ajnascent were two high-school friends who after years of trying to connect, finally came together in Berlin to record a mini-LP titled Even. Both producers have different sounds. Glenn Astro is a much soulful composer and musician, taking his influences from old soul and disco tunes. I would characterise Ajnascent’s music as darker and more experimental, but the sound on this new new album is a breath of fresh air.

With intricate live drumming throughout the album (‘Nefastis Machine feat. IMYRMIND’ is a go-to for that), gorgeous guitar leads (‘Viktor And The Gemini’ especially), silky synths and infectious grooves (Диско’ (‘disco’) embodies the spirit), this album is playful, upbeat and worth your listen.

Listen to Glenn Astro & Ajnascent’s Even on Bandcamp below, and make sure you support!

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