Music: Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin – Idiom EP

I’ve always thought that the music scene in London is the best in the world. The city is a melting pot of cultures, sounds and artistic creativity. Keyboard extraordinaire Joe Armon-Jones and the immensely gifted producer and overall nicest guy you’ll ever meet Maxwell Owin team up on what may be the project of the year. Incredibly crisp and groovy production from Maxwell is accompanied by incredible keys from Joe throughout, who plays the instrument so masterfully it’s often hard to keep up with his genius. Jake Long brings the drumming alive on this album, Oscar Jerome provides his talents on guitar, and South London’s jazz queen Nubya Garcia steals the show on ‘Tanners Tango’ with her mesmerising tenor saxophone performance.

But for me it’s tracks like SE Discotheque and Easy Now which really hit my heart with infectious futuristic break-beat grooves, 2 Step rhythms and gorgeous melodies which will be the sounds of the dance floor in the near future.

Idiom EP should and hopefully will be a landmark album for the London’s music scene as it embodies everything music should represent. Passion, groove, collaboration, unity and love. If only it were longer!

So my hat goes of to the whole team behind this project. My admiration for what you do for music and art has never been higher and we’ll meet again.

Please make sure you go support this project. Buy the digital album via Bandcamp, or if you live in London, make sure you head down to YAM Records and buy a physical copy if they haven’t sold out yet.

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