S​í​b​í​n – S​í​b​í​n Vol. 1 Compilation (various artists)

Led by London-based artist, DJ, and curator Anja Ngozi, Síbín is a label and community of innovative talented artists in the world of ambient, hip-hop, electronic and jazz music – usually of the eclectic soulful, ethereal and head-nod type shit. Having followed her journey with this Síbín project for a few years now, it’s great seeing the growth with it has been inspiring.

S​í​b​í​n Vol. 1 is a new compilation tape celebrating the work of some of these incredible artists, including Fatima, KwaKE, Lord Byron, Ben Hixon, Natty Wylah, Joe Armon-Jones, Kofi Stone, Oliver Palfreyman, Goya Gombani, Taz & Meeks, Daisuke Tanabe, Phoebs, Anja Ngozi, Isobella Burnham, MA.MOYO, Marysia Osu, Wu-Lu and Temesgen. From long ambient compositions such as Fatima & KwAkE’s “I.D CanAlterRareDiscriptionS” and Taz & Meeks’ “burp” to O.PAL & Goya Gumbani’s punchier, drum-heavy “TOSH!” as well as Wu-Lu & Temesgen’s “Wickedness Divide”, this compilation has so much variety and so many great moments. With community comes great strength and innovation, which is why projects like these are so important to the culture. Profits from the album will be split between The Black Curriculum & Blackfriars Settlement.

Listen to the S​í​b​í​n Vol. 1 compilation below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support! You can also read more about the origins of the project and the workshops that helped define the theme of the compilation – ‘What does identity mean to you?’.

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