SEWER OPAL is one of Oliver Palfreyman’s more punchy, animated and eclectic albums to date

Beatmaker and producer extraordinaire Oliver Palfreyman has come through yet again with a new project, this time titled SEWER OPAL. Having already made a stamp on this year along with fellow London-based producer Maxwell Owin on What is That Sound?, the young talented artist is back with a new project full of punchy, memorable and hard-hitting moments titled SEWER OPAL. 14 tracks and 33 minutes in length, the album is full of atmospheric, synth-led melodies, combined with Oliver’s usually menacing and forward drums. It’s an exciting body of work that is equally as captivating to me as his other releases.

From the heavy beat arrangements on “Delta Beta Boo” and “Dear Babylon” to the more ambient and atmospheric “Past Tense” and “It Goes Down”, the start of the project is already incredibly dense and varied with different sound effects, different arrangements and energies. The animated and gorgeous “Spiced Gold” is among my favourites on the album, with it’s slow-paced moody synth leads that complement the heaviness of the beat itself. The off-kilter effects that are sprinkled throughout the track are add to the haunting aura of some of the records on here. “No Tek” is crazy, with disorienting synths and and effects that drive this odd, off-kilter vibe that perfectly complements the manic energy of the beat itself. “Boundtobealive” is another excellent track, with tribal beats, disorienting synths and an abrasive tone to it that captures the energy of Oli’s music perfectly. The moodiness and atmosphere of “Paranoid” is haunting, while both “Acid Rain” and “Just Pick Up” sound heavy and almost suffocating. The album ends with this moody, atmospheric and peaceful moment that is a fitting closer to an explosive, intricate and potent body of work that may be among his most complete projects to date.

Oliver Palfreyman has released another incredible album, showcasing his talents as a producer and composer. He composes these incredibly heavy, hard-hitting and menacing beats, complemented by distorted synths and eclectic electronic effects that combine for some of the most forward-thinking, experimental music I’ve heard recently. Oliver Palfreyman is quite the talent, and SEWER OPAL yet again establishes him as one of the most gifted artists of this generation. Go support this new album below via Bandcamp!

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