On Off the Strength, Lord Apex continues to evolve as a great emcee and songwriter, while Cookin Soul laces him some incredible beats

Spanish Grammy award-winning producer Cookin Soul has teamed up with London-based emcee Lord Apex on a hard-hitting, neck-breaking new album titled Off the Strength. 11 tracks and 28 minutes of pure boom-bap, sonic bliss, and showcases not only Cookin Soul’s talents as a producer, but Lord Apex’s ability to seemingly rap and rhyme over any beat. He’s lyrically sharp and witty, while being able to flow and rhyme effortlessly over diverse and eclectic production. It’s testament to his skills and talents as an emcee and this album further solidifies him as one of the most important voices in the UK hip-hop scene.

After the brief “Intro”, the album flows straight into “The Bullshit”, a heavy banging track I’ve heard him premier live previously and it is just as heavy and just as banging as it was on the show. One thing I wanted to note is how he’s improved as a songwriter and hook-writer. These tracks sound polished, with Lord Apex continuously growing artistically to new heights. The colourful, piano-driven “For all my Hustlers” is another great track celebrating his growth as an artist, while the groovy “Stay Alive” featuring Emilio Rojas is another poignant moment on the album. The beat on “Wagwan Dog” is crazy, with neck-breaking energy that just hits throughout, as Lord Apex rhymes perfectly over this heavy beat. The jazzy “Like You” is another fantastic moment on the album, and the flute melody on “M.I.M.S” is exceptional. “Euphoria” is a reflective, revealing moment on the album that sees Lord Apex open his heart out on a fantastic beat. “Pieces of my Heart” is a cool love song, and “Rap 101” closes the album out with a reflective track that captures his life experiences and successes over the years that have made him the person he is today.

Off the Strength is an exceptional body of work that sees Lord Apex continue to grow and evolve as an emcee and songwriter, and with Cookin Soul lacing him great beats – it’s really a recipe for success. Go check out and support Lord Apex & Cookin Soul’s new project Off the Strength below via Bandcamp!

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