On Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scripture, R.A.P. Ferreira combines his usual idiosyncratic, abstract observations with verbose and philosophical poetry

A new one from one of the underground’s most eclectic innovators. R.A.P Ferreira, formerly milo, aka scallops hotel is someone I’m always interested in listening to. His fantastic collab as milo with Elucid, Nostrum Grocers, feels like an old classic, an unearthed work of art. R.A.P Ferreira’s Purple Moonlight Pages was among my favourite albums of last year, but this project may be my favourite of his to date. the Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures is an inviting body of work, as the warm, often groovy and poignant instrumentals give space for R.A.P. Ferreira to dance around the synth and piano melodies, live drumming and basslines with his usual deadpan wit and introspective thoughts that capture the unique aura of his music.

“Contrapuntal” kicks the album off with a mellow tone, as he reflects internally on his state of mind, speaking with bluntness. What caught me off guard was exactly that, and made this one of my favourite lines on the track – “Abuse in my drank / Trauma my cup / Diploma my gut / Burnin’ bush out front”. He speaks as if he’s jotting down thoughts in a diary, connecting the dots between reality and dream-like visions. “uptown 37”, produced by nalepa x tony bevaliacqua, in my favourite track on the album. From the incredibly warm and inviting yet groovy and eerie production, to the abstractions R.A.P Ferreira is able to paint. Just look at the way he starts this one “Flow sound like a subpoena for Mistadobalina / Hit like Colonel Stinkmeaner / After you was poppin’ that goon shit just a second ago/ The Ruby Yacht is a movement, synthesized in the celestial / Begat, where there be gats / Speed traps, sleek rats, and asshole-eaters”. From the Del shoutout, to the Boondocks reference, the line in itself is exemplary of his unique poetic technique and flow. He also criticises the hyper-capitalist nature of Forbes lists and our obsession with seeking that as validation for worth. “blackmissionfigs” features South London artist and emcee Eldon Somars, who brought an incredible verse over a cloud-rap inspired beat he also produced. “gemilut hashadim” is another excellent track, as he opens up with this verbose, creative verse, kicking things off with “Grandiose exodus / With every exhale, I escape wretchedness / Blessed defiance / The road to hell is piloted with compliance”. As a former student of philosophy, you can tell from his lyrics how existential he can often be, but that’s the charm of his music. “hyperion” and “wedding cake eighths” are also incredibly dense and verbose tracks, with incredible production to back it.

There’s something so endearing about R.A.P. Ferreira’s music. Whether it’s from the soulful, organic production or his nonchalant yet incredibly crafted rhymes, the artist exceeds expectations yet again, creating a cohesive and intricate body of work, with dense philosophical thoughts to abstract observations. On Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures, he combines both worlds effortlessly. A true masterpiece and one of my favourite projects of the year so far. Love to Ruby Yacht.

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