Ego Ella May keeps on shining with her vibrant and introspective FIELDNOTES EP

Like a curious researcher and explorer, Ego Ella May seeks sounds and sonic tones that help her better process personal thoughts and feelings during a ‘weird and confusing time.’ Whether this time is in reference to her personal life or the last 18 months as a whole with the pandemic, her music is not only relatable to the struggles a lot of us face, but emotes so much powerful soul and incredibly intricate moments that help define her excellence as an artist.Her new project FIELDNOTES EP is only 4 tracks in length, but the impact it has is tremendous. Her music is instrumentally layered, oozing soul and class. Last year’s Honey For Wounds was exemplary of that, and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

The tone of her voice is as silky and sweet as honey. It sounds refined and polished, so combining that with groovy basslines, melodic synth leads that add to the infectious melodies of her voice, and hard-hitting drums makes for such an incredible listen. “Breathe” sets the tone beautifully. It’s a reflective track about internal, self-imposed pressures, feeling the need to ‘be something’ and write, but not being able to. Yoga practice helped remind her that simply breathing is enough, and nothing really matters outside that. It’s an important reminder to all artists as well, and she champions this thought. The guitar leads on “YoYo” are incredible, her silky smooth voice is dominant over this incredibly poignant instrumental, perfectly capturing the angst and unsettling nature of the world around her. Being unfazed by the dishonest media is important, and she reminds herself that throughout this track. The first two tracks are produced by the talented Geo Jordan, and are incredible in their silky smooth textures and undeniable grooves. The Eun-produced “I Feel Something” is exceptional too, with a thumping hard-hitting beat, as Ego Ella May tries to feel something, escaping from city life to try something new. Collaborating with Flwr Chyld, she closes the project out with “Speck of Dust”, a dynamic, drum-heavy beat with gorgeous vocals that celebrate growth and the fact that she made it through this darker, colder period in her life. The realisation that none of what we do really matters (in the best possible way) and that we’re really a speck of dust in the cosmos, really puts things into perspective and makes this all worth it.

It’s not only Ego Ella May’s incredible talents as a songwriter that shine through on her fantastic new EP, but also her strong emotional intelligence. Her ability to process her own introspections while understanding the darkness and unsettling nature of the outside and the unknown, makes FIELDNOTES EP a relatable and introspective listen, while bringing such incredible moments of pure soul to the table. A fantastic little EP that you should definitely be checking out and supporting!

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