While The Asymptotical World EP is short and brief, it’s impact is immense – a project to remember!

in the space of a few years, Yves Tumor has become one of my favourite artists. In 2020, the glam-rock, experimental, new-wave, post-rock, electronic, dream-pop etc etc musician (he transcends genres, in case that wasn’t clear) released one of my favourite albums in Heaven To A Tortured Mind, a wildly dynamic, colourful and infectious body of work that was more focused than anything he’d released prior, and featured some of my favourite records – tracks that are still heavy on rotation today. He is back with new music in the form of a short, but punchy and animated 6-track EP titled The Asymptotical World. Even though it’s a short project, he keeps the same intense energy, with intricate compositions that are animated and wild in energy.

It kicks off with the lead single “Jackie“, a grandiose rock-inspired anthem that features wailing guitar leads and a soulful melody that complement the cacophony of the guitar leads, drumming and electronic effects. It kicks the project off with a bang, and sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the project. “Crushed Velvet” is another incredible track, with a pulsating drum beat, acoustic guitar leads, atmospheric synth leads that capture both this intensity yet ethereal sound that strikes a perfect balance between dynamic and spacious. “Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To The Both of Them” is easily my favourite track on the EP. The pulsating, fast-paced beat, the rumbling guitar leads, Yves Tumor’s monotonous, robot voice and the guitar leads that build and build to create this crazed out, manic energy that continues throughout the track. It’s just such an incredibly vivid track that just grabs me by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last track. That’s how I feel and I absolutely love it. “Tuck” features additional vocals from NAKED, and is a cool, electronic track with suffocating synths and vocals from NAKED that sound haunting and intimidating. “… And Loyalty Is A Nuisance Child” starts off with these heavy guitar riffs that complement Yves’ emphatic vocal range. The electronic guitar leads give this track such a grand and powerful energy, and goes for the closer “Katrina” as well. It’s also the clear standout for me, with hard-hitting drumming and intense guitar leads are loud, at times distorted and wildly energetic. “What’s the point? Why bother, I can’t remember them either” he sings. His vocals are just so beautiful throughout the album, and lyrically touches on themes of love, finding oneself and their identity. He is so blunt with his thoughts, and so unapologetic about them. He writes with brevity and clarity, combining the harsh and cacophony of the layered and textured instrumentals throughout with blunt (yet melodic, at times) vocals that are the perfect marriage between hectic and atmospheric. Along with his other incredible albums, this EP is special too and really showcases the range of Yves Tumor’s talents as a creative and visionary.

While The Asymptotical World EP is short and brief, it’s impact is immense and it’s a project I’ve already got on repeat since it came out. His ability to combine catchy and playful melodies with harsh, dynamic and sometimes abrasive instrumentation makes this project so memorable. Go support this wonderful body of work!

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