Weekly Roundup (16th November – 22nd November)

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. I know it’s been a difficult time, but at least we have music to keep us company! And it’s been quite a great few weeks for releases as well! So without further ado, let’s get into this week’s roundup!


On Send Them To Coventry, Pa Salieu gives us a glimpse into the future

Pa Salieu is the definition of greatness, and with Send Them To Coventry, he has made a statement like no other this year. The varied production, the dynamic rhythms, the flows, the verses, the hooks, the energy, the rhythms…. everything is produced and done to perfection. This is a true glimpse into the future of music, the possibilities from here for Pa are truly endless. I hope he continues to strive and work towards greatness, because man oh man, Send Them To Coventry might be one of the very best projects of the year. Read more


Nelson Bandela – Black James Blake E​.​P.

New York-based creative polymath Nelson Bandela has come through with a warm and homely new project titled Black James Blake E​.​P.. I’ve been a fan of his music for a few years now, and I’ve always maintained the belief that he’s one of the most creative and eclectic artists of this new wave of underground musicians making timeless music. The idiosyncratic sounds and beat arrangements are phenomenal, and his unique vocal performances literally channel the aura of James Blake’s music. “Love Vibe” sets the tone for the album with beautiful beat arrangements and vocals that capture such incredible beauty. Other tracks like “Vegan Wolf” and “Scam Jam” are almost disorienting with their crazy beat selections and crazy vocals, while the driving beat of “Rashad Shall Reincarnate” sees him channel the legendary DJ Rashad with a beat that is dynamic and groovy, closing the album with a banger, leaving me wanting more. It’s a stellar release and one I’ll be replaying again and again.

Blue November & Maicho Stilo – HEAVEN NEEDED YOU

Florida-based emcee Blue November teams up with beat maestro Maicho Stilo for a brand new project titled HEAVEN NEEDED YOU. I discovered Blue November this year, and I’ve always been captivated by his introspective and intricate raps. This album is crazy, and part of the reason is Maicho Stilo’s crazy production. It’s soothing, soulful and intricate throughout, with tracks like “UR LOVE” and “ONE OF THESE DAYS” capturing a smooth aura that just sounds so potent and lush throughout. Blue November’s flow on the opener “SOMEONE LIKE YOU” is infectious, while the reflective and almost somber “ABOVE THE CLOUDS” featuring Coco is just incredible. Overall it’s a stellar project and one I hope more people get familiar with.

Allysha Joy – Light It Again

Melbourne-based musician Allysha Joy is part of an extended family of Australian-based artists making some of the most soulful and funky music of the last few years. She is back with a brand new EP titled Light It Again, and it yet again highlights why she’s one of the most gifted musicians working today. Produced by the genius Clever Austin and featuring the talents of the great Horatio Luna, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Danika Smith and Josh Kelly, this project meanders through groovy, soulful soundscapes that capture the aura and beauty of her music. The slower and more meditative “Watercolours” is sublime, while the dynamic nature of “Better” is crazy as well. The beat and groove of “Light It Again” is infectious, and “Mardi” is a gorgeous, jazzy and beautiful track that closes the EP out with a spiritual, emotive tone. It’s a phenomenal project that captures Allysha Joy’s aura so beautifully.

Sons Of The James – Everlasting

Sons Of The James is a duo project from singer/songwriter, Rob Milton and producer/musician, DJ Harrison. Together they have come through with a groovy, soulful and heavy new project titled Everlasting. With phenomenal and utterly captivating production from DJ Harrison, the project is a journey through thick basslines and gospel-inspired vocals from Rob Milton, who really impresses on a project that sounds so beautiful throughout. The rumbling aura of “I Want More” after the opener “Devonne’s Intro” sets the tone for the entire project. The subtle guitar leads and bass on “Happy” are incredible, while the smooth and sensual “Can’t Believe You Love” is incredibly emotive and soulful. “Things I Should Have Said” with Georgia Anne Muldrow is another highlight because… well, she’s legendary. The emotive and gorgeous “Everlasting” is another incredible moment that closes the album out beautifully. Sons Of The James really excelled on this one, and it’s a true testament to their talents.

GILA – Energy Demonstration

Denver, Colorado-based electronic musician GILA has come through with a mesmeric new electronic album titled Energy Demonstration. This is my first introduction to the talented artist and I was immediately drawn into his colourful and energetic aura of his music. The dynamic and eclectic synth leads throughout are met with thumping and eerie beats on tracks like “Buffalo 2 Miami” and “Whoalotta”, while a more emotive and reflective mood can be felt on tracks like “Late Night Fighter” and the closer “Stretch Chord”. It’s a dynamic and emotive listen that captures the aura of his eclectic, electronic tapestry of sounds. One to support for sure!

Common Saints – Idol Eyes EP

London-based artist Common Saints has come through with an emotive and psychedelic soul EP titled Idol Eyes. Infectious guitar leads, groovy basslines and subtle synths create a crisp soundscape for his gorgeous and infectious vocals. The melody on tracks like “Idol Eyes” and “Summer Sun” are incredible, with the jazzy undertones of the latter track creating such an infectious groove, it’s just impossible not to be enamored with his music. The beat and energy of the 9-minute thriller “Lovesong” is incredible as well, as his vocals float over the incredible beat effortlessly, with the textures of the guitar-driven melody makes it a terrific track. “Secret Song” closes the album beautifully as well with a meditative groove that captures the psychedelia of his sound and the textures he’s able to create with his music. This is a terrific little project everyone should definitely check out!

Swordman Kitala – Kimbalagala EP

With everything happening in Uganda at the moment with police brutality and its citizens dealing with a current dictatorship, it’s good to see at least some light come out of the country. Swordman Kitala is a talented Ugandan emcee who has released a fun, energetic project with electronic rhythms and an engaging vocal performance that captures the raw energy of Uganda. Tracks like “Malanga Ja” and “Heat Flexx” are heavy with thumping rhythms and an almost industrial, techno groove that just showcases the eclectic energy of the talented musician. It’s definitely a project to check out and support if you’re into heavier, more techno-oriented sounds. It’s an infectious release, and one that shows exactly how great and relevant Uganda’s musical output is. Go support!

 A.k.Adrix – Código de Barras

Manchester-based producer A.k.Adrix comes through with a hypnotic electronic album titled Código de Barras, taking inspiration from the sounds of his native Lisbon. It’s a terrific body of work, with dynamic, bold production and percussion throughout that is mesmeric. Tracks like “Positivadades” and “Ritmo Surfista” showcase the eclecticism of his production, with tribal melodies and heavy percussion that hits all cylinders. There’s so much more I can say about the melodies and the incredible soundscapes A.k.Adrix is able to create – “Desenhos Animados” is playful and joyful in its energy as well, while the heavy and energetic “X50” is a short but poignant statement. Overall a stellar release and one I can’t recommend enough!

Thijsenterprise – Lahringen

Another month, another Thijsenterprise album! The Barcelona-based Dutch producer has come through with another heavy, jazz-influenced body of work titled Lahringen. The heavy grooves from wailing saxophone leads on “Muslikt” sets the tone for the rest of the project, as the dynamic groove of his music is what makes this project so inspiring. The dynamic and pulsating energy of “Rietje”is crazy, with live drumming that drives the dynamic groove of the track so, so well, while the melody of “The Allegroes” is heavy with percussion, and with an energy that is poignant and infectious. The talented musician has really exceeded expectations again with an album that sounds enthralling, energetic and incredibly fun. Go support!

Weekly Playlist

Pa Salieu – No Warnin’ ft Boy Boy (Send Them To Coventry)
Pa Salieu – Informa ft M1llionz (Send Them To Coventry)
Pa Salieu – My Family ft BackRoad Gee (Send Them To Coventry)
slowthai – nhs (Single)
Tierra Whack – Dora (Single)
Nelson Bandela – I’m Black (Black James Blake EP)
GILA – Buffalo 2 Miami (Energy Demonstrations)
A.k.Adrix – Ritmo Surfista (Código de Barras)
Common Saints – Idol Eyes (Idol Eyes EP)
Blue November & Maicho Stilo – SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Heaven Needed You)
MAVI – SMH (Single)
Oscar Jerome – Your Saint – Joe Armon-Jones Remix (Breathe Deep Remixes)
Allysha Joy – Light It Again (Light It Again EP)
Sons Of The James – Things I Should Have Said ft Georgia Anne Muldrow (Everlasting)
R-Kay – The Escape ft GeeFree, Ayeisha Raquel & Lex Amor (Single)

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