Weekly Roundup (28th September – 4th October)

Bonjour everyone, happy start to the new month! May October bring more blessings and opportunities for everyone. Been thinking a lot about the future of the website recently, and while I enjoy doing these roundups, I’m thinking of ways to level the website up into a more unique platform – part of the idea being to focus on more long-form, in-depth interviews and featured articles as well as radio/podcasting, which more of an emphasis on new music releases being on the socials. At this point I’m thinking out loud, but if you’re reading this and want to give your thoughts, let me know, would be interesting to hear what you lot think. But without further ado, here’s this week’s roundup!


SAULT’s UNTITLED (RISE) is another essential album, speaking beautifully to the profound soul, heart and pain of the black experience

UNTITLED (RISE) is their new 15 track album, a phenomenal body of work that embraces the beauty, soul and pain of being Black in the world. Listening to it a few times, I’m so enamored by the way they are able to tell their story – with a cohesive, textured and utterly mesmeric sound that captures so much raw emotion. Just like the albums that came before this one, UNTITLED (RISE) is an important musical moment of the year. SAULT’s music speaks to the soul, heart and pain of the Black experience, while maintaining a positive and highly rhythmic groove to the music that feels powerful and so necessary. They continue to push the boundaries of what soul and funk music can sound in 2020. Read more


Duval Timothy – Brown Loop

Originally released in 2016 but re-released a couple of days ago on Bandcamp, London-based music genius Duval Timothy has created another mesmeric body of work titled Brown Loop. Piano-led and with an incredibly rich tapestry of sounds that just ooze soul. Tracks like “Clouds” and “Pleats” are playful and incredibly lush, with the 7-minute thriller “Hairs” being the ultimate highlight for me, with a gorgeous piano-led melody that just hits so hard emotionally. It is a truly incredible body of work that yet again captures the sheer beauty of his music. Go support!

Stas Thee Boss – Sang Stasia!

Um, excuse me Stas?! This shit is crazy – just saying it off the jump. The Brooklyn-based emcee has come through with an incredible new EP titled Sang Stasia!. I know her primarily as a rapper, but on her new project, she decides to focus her energy on singing, and let me tell you, it sounds great! Not only that, but she produced the project as well, and the smooth, soulful soundscape enables her to flex her skills as a vocalist. Tracks like “Keys” are incredible, with a groovy, soulful and utterly mesmeric beat and sample. “Can’t Stand” is another groovy and funky moment on the project, while “Love Everybody” featuring Erik Blood is another incredible moment on the album, with groovy and funky basslines that just sound incredible. She’s such a great talent and I hope more and more people discover her talents. Go support!

Duncecap – Resting Dunce Face

New York-based artist Duncecap has released a brand new project titled Resting Dunce Face and it cements him as one of the most forward-thinking and unique hip-hop artists of this generation. Idiosyncratic beats and humorous yet introspective lyrics, the talented rapper and producer creates a fantastic project full of memorable moments. “Kiss Goodbye” featuring Quelle Chris contains what sounds like banjo leads, while “I’d Like to Be A Star” has this thumping beat and a monotonous yet engaging verse about wanting to be a star and being noticed in general, feeling like a black hole. His deadpan comedic style is perfect for these engaging and colourful tracks, brilliantly capturing his artistry in a unique way. Definitely a project to support, and check out his other albums while you’re at it as well!

Wylie Cable – Shimmer, Then Disappear

DOMEOFDOOM founder and talented multi-instrumentalist Wylie Cable is back with a heavy and thumping new project titled Shimmer, Then Disappear. The bass-heavy beats and eclectic synths throughout this project make for an engaging listen. The lavish soundscapes and often trap-influenced production makes for such an engaging listen. Tracks like “Travel Light” and “False Lead” are examples of his engaging and wonderfully produced beats. This project is quite eclectic in sound, with varied production throughout the 15 tracks. The heacy, industrial “Contacting People From Your Past” almost sounds like a drum n bass track, while “Hot Potato” is an abrasive, other-worldly track that just brings such crazy energy. Go support this one!

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Agüita

Gabriel Garzón-Montano creates timeless music. His 2017 Stones Throw Records debut album Jardín is still on rotation to this day, and I was excited to learn he had a new album. Agüita is an eclectic, sonically diverse and fascinating body of work that takes inspiration from his French-Colombian heritage. The usual, quirky soul appears throughout on tracks like “Someone” and “Moonless”, while he delves into reggaeton influences on tracks like “Mira My Look” and “Agüita”, something that surprised me at first, but the music sounds rich, dynamic and just incredible. His versatility as a musician is so impressive, and this new project proves this perfectly.

BusCrates – Blasting Off

Pittsburgh producer and overall talented artist BusCrates has released his debut LP titled Blasting Off. With heavy funk rhythms and incredible production throughout, BusCrates has released a pretty stellar and cohesive body of work that definitely has replay value. “Lost and Found” featuring Sally Green is an example of his incredible production. The synths, guitar leads and funky basslines are beautifully composed. The whole project just sounds so groovy and funky it makes it hard for me not to wanna dance to these tunes. Take A Ride featuring JP Patterson and “Eight-Nine” featuring Sally Green are probably my favourites throughout the album, though this is definitely due to change as I listen to this project more. Go support!

Sola – Mami Wata EP

London-based soul singer Sola has come through with a terrific new EP titled Mami Wata. This is my first introduction to the artist, and I was immediately drawn to the futuristic, lavish and synth-heavy production. The musically rich and eclectic sounds on tracks like “Mami Wata” and “All Mine” are stunning and so interesting to listen to. Her voice is powerful among the loud and eclectic instrumentals throughout, but everything seems to fit perfectly. It’s a dynamic body of work that captures her artistry beautifully in a 7-track album that takes influence from r&b, electronic music and neo-soul. Definitely one to check out and support!

 Les Lockheart – Searching For Tomorrow

LA-based producer Les Lockheart has come through with a stellar, or rather interstellar and futuristic project titled Searching For Tomorrow. This is my first introduction to the talented artist, and I’m immediately drawn to his dynamic synth and bass-heavy beats and grooves. “The Sun” and “Hue_Man” set the tone for the rest of the album, and the eclectic and wildly engaging music that follows is equally as fascinating. The groove and atmospheric groove of “Fiasco” is fantastic, while tracks like “Into Tomorrow” and “Dimensions” naturally sound groovier and more soulful. It’s a cinematic body of work, and the closer “Golden Dawn” is a beautiful and reflective ending that wraps up an incredibly engaging and cohesive body of work.

lotus lourdes & Rago Foot – GARDEN I

Amsterdam-based singer lotus lourdes and London-based producer Rago Foot have come through with a short but poignant project titled GARDEN I. This is my first introduction to the Dutch singer, and I’m immediately drawn to her ethereal and spiritual tone. This is definitely aided by Rago Foot’s atmospheric and subtle production. “BARDO” is a mesmeric track, perfectly capturing the stunning, spiritual and lavish energy I mentioned. The jazzy “MEA CULPA” is another stunning track, with a groove and beat that sounds utterly mesmeric, while “SHOWER THOUGHTS” sounds angelic and reflective. The project is a fantastic insight into lotus lourdes’ sound, and I can’t wait to hear more from the talented musician.

Weekly Playlist

SAULT – Uncomfortable (UNTITLED (RISE))
Duval Timothy – Hairs (Brown Loop)
Stas THEE Boss – Keys (Sang Stasia!)
Duncecap – Used To (Resting Dunce Face)
Action Bronson – Golden Eye (Only For Dolphins)
Sepa Kaapstaad – Our People ft Quelle Chris (Single)
BusCrates – Lost & Found ft Sally Green (Blasting Off)
A.K. Paul – Be Honest (Single)
Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Agüita (Agüita)
Wylie Cable – False Lead (Shimmer, then Disappear)
Baby Keem – hooligan (Single)
21 Savage & Metro Boomin – Runnin (SAVAGE MODE II)

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