Weekly Roundup (10th August – 16th August)

Hey everyone, hope you’re all still keeping safe and healthy! Really excited for this weekly roundup, it has been a great week for music and have discovered some unique an fascinating projects recently, so let’s get it!


On Mach’s Hard Lemonade, Mach-Hommy continues to prove himself as a uniquely gifted talent

The elusive and obscure aura of Mach-Hommy is back. Off the back of a successful 2019 with the incredible albums Wap Konn Jòj! and Tuez-Les Tous with DJ Muggs, the enigmatic rapper is back with a brand new project titled Mach’s Hard Lemonade. Mach’s music has always been aesthetically and sonically rich. He’s worked with some of the best producers in hip-hop, and has crafted crisp, soulful and experimental production on each and every release. Mach’s Hard Lemonade is no different, with 9 tracks of pure blissful raps and production that sounds vast and eclectic, from start to finish. It’s Mach-Hommy’s continued elusiveness and incredible rapping that makes him one of the most talked about voices within hip-hop, and with Mach’s Hard Lemonade he continues to prove himself as a gifted and unique emcee. A great album that will definitely require multiple listens to truly appreciate. Read more

Limbo is a cohesive and dynamic album showcasing the extent of Aminé’s eclecticism and range as an artist

Limbo exceeded all expectations to the point where it might be one of the more memorable releases I’ve heard this year. It’s a sonically diverse and dynamic project that sees the young 26 year old push his artistry further than he ever has. I’m impressed with Aminé’s maturity as an artist, and I’m sure he’s grown a lot on a personal level over the last few years. Limbo is a cohesive and dynamic album showcasing Aminé’s eclecticism and range as an artist, bringing both intricate raps and beautiful vocals that are nothing short of inspiring and wholly impressive. Read more

On OBLIVION, Black Noi$e brings eclectic and wildly energetic compositions that help cement his legacy as one of Detroit’s finest producers

Detroit electronic musician Black Noi$e is among the most exciting musicians of the last few years. Eclectic and experimental, he has carved a unique lane for himself, creating visceral, techno-inspired beats and textured compositions that are nothing short of utterly captivating. He is back with a brand new album titled OBLIVION on Earl Sweatshirt’s own label Tan Cressida, and it’s nothing short of incredible. With a plethora of features throughout, the album is dynamic, sonically and aesthetically diverse. Each track brings a new energy, showcasing the extent of Black Noi$e’s talents as a producer. He pushes his sound forward, bringing eclectic and wildly energetic compositions that add to his legacy as one of Detroit’s finest producers. Read more

Oscar Jerome’s debut album Breathe Deep is a near-flawless project, with textures and grooves unlike anything I’ve heard this year

Give Oscar Jerome his flowers! The South London-based musician has been releasing some of the most soulful, rhythmic and exciting music in recent years. Single after Single, collaboration after collaboration, I become more and more enamored by this man’s music. It’s his effortless guitar rhythms, slight huskiness in his voice and the dynamic, groovy and jazz-inspired soundscape that complements his style and music that makes his aura as an artist mesmeric. It’s hard to believe that Breathe Deep is his debut album considering the fact I’ve known about his music for well over 4 years now, but it’s finally here and it is as mesmeric and potent as I had imagined. This is a stunningly beautiful body of work that is both reflective, critical of self and institutions around us, but also hopeful and optimistic. The human spirit is unbreakable, I believe that wholeheartedly, and Oscar Jerome’s music is pure, and unquestionably human. Oscar Jerome’s debut album Breathe Deep is a near-flawless project, with textures and grooves unlike anything I’ve heard this year. Read more


Jadasea – ABOUT TIME

Jadasea has been having a terrific year in regards to his musical output. Release after release, he has been able to polish his craft as an emcee, further cementing himself as one the most exciting rappers working today. The South London artist has always been introspective and reflective in his raps, and on his new EP ABOUT TIME, he continues pouring his heart out over soulful, intricate production from Navy Blue, dj blackpower, ovrkast and Omari Lyseight. “ABOUT TIME” featuring dj blackpower himself is my favourite track on the album, with and incredibly dynamic and eclectic beat that complements his introspective lyricism and infectious flow. A fantastic project that deserves the support!


London-based artist Elheist has released her highly anticipated debut project titled WHOLESOME GOODY. Her vocal tone is utterly mesmeric, as she is able to sing and flow effortlessly throughout 7 punchy, bass-heavy electronic tracks. The punchy Haich Ber Na & Elheist produced “DONE TALKING” one of the highlights for me, with a dominant, punchy groove and gorgeous vocals that complement the groove of this track. The colourful and heavy Ipon-produced “WHOLESOME BODY” is the other clear highlight for me, with incredible synths leads and a bass-heavy beat that sound unapologetically loud. Elheist’s presence throughout this project is memorable, and the eclectic bass-heavy and industrial production complements her vocals perfectly. A great release with an eclectic soundscape and incredible vocals!

Knxwledge – VGM’s​​.​​PRT_3

The legend Knxwledge is back with a new beat tape titled VGM’s​​.​​PRT_3. As per usual, this project features some incredible beats, with moody, atmospheric synths and keys that complement the contemporary hip-hop and r&b samples throughout. The Lil Uzi Vert sample on “sokold” is literally one of the best things I’ve ever heard him produce, and this considering the mountains of music he already has released on Bandcamp. With each and every release, she showcases why he is one of the greatest producers of this generation. Soulful, dynamic and eclectic every single time, he keeps pushing his sound into new musical territories.

AMANI + KING VISION ULTRA – An Unknown Infinite

New York-based artists AMANI and KING VISION ULTRA have released an excellent collaborative album titled An Unknown Infinite. With AMANI on the mic and KING VISION ULTRA on the beats, this hip-hop album is brilliantly cohesive and sequenced body of work that sounds lyrically dense and sonically soulful and crisp. It’s a political, socially aware release with incredible features from the likes of ELUCID, Suede Jury, AKAI SOLO and maassai, who all complement the introspective raps throughout. “Hell Juice” is an example of this, as AMANI takes centre stage, providing a heady, introspective verse on an eerie, unsettling beat. His wordplay and lyricism throughout the entire project is incredible, and I’ll definitely need to re-listen to this a few times to truly appreciate it. Go support!

KMRU – Peel

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, KMRU is an ambient music producer who has released a stellar new project titled Peel. The 6-track album lasts well over an hour, with 15-20 minute compositions that sound simultaneously eerie and inspiring. The gorgeous synths and subtle electronic rhythms on “Why Are You Here” set the tone for the rest of the project. “Peel,” the 22-minute closer, is such an emotive track. Its synths and sonic buildup throughout the track makes for such a stunning and mesmeric listen. If you want an atmospheric, ambient soundtrack, this is the one! Go support!

Duma – Duma

Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and Sam Karugu are two trailblazers of the flourishing underground metal scene in Nairobi. They were former members of the bands Lust of a Dying Breed and Seeds of Datura, and have now come through with an intense, twisted electronic self-titled album as Duma. It was recorded in Kampala, Uganda and it features some hellish compositions inspired by the Singeli electronic in urban Uganda. With almost demonic screams throughout and a dynamic, properly abrasive sound, this project is fascinating to me. I’d have to be in a particular mood to want to listen to this, but it’s definitely worth checking out for some wild, experimental and harsh sound. So if you’re open minded and want to listen to some abrasive, noisy and unique music, try this out and support!

Weekly Playlist

Mach-Hommy – Squeaky Hinge (Mach’s Hard Lemonade)
Aminé – Burden (Limbo)
Aminé – Pressure In My Palms ft slowthai & Vince Staples (Limbo)
Aminé – Becky (Limbo)
Black Noi$e – Mo(u)rning ft Earl Sweatshirt (OBLIVION)
Black Noi$e – Oblivion ft Pink Siifu (OBLIVION)
Black Noi$e – Mutha Magick ft bbymutha (OBLIVION)
Oscar Jerome – Give Back What U Stole From Me (Breathe Deep)
Oscar Jerome – Your Saint ft Brother Portrait (Breathe Deep)
Oscar Jerome – Gravitate (Breathe Deep)
Jadasea – About Time (ABOUT TIME)
Busdriver – the big think ft Swarvy (Single)
Duma – The Echoes of the Beyond (Duma)
Vegyn – Cowboy Allstar – Alt.v17 (ODCD ALT VERSIONS)
KMRU – Solace (Peel)

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