Weekly Roundup (3rd August – 9th August)

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all still keeping safe, sane and healthy! It’s been an amazing week for music, especially considering this Friday’s Bandcamp day. A lot of releases to get through, with some having to be posted on next week’s music roundup. Let’s get right into it!


The cosmic nuanced brilliance of Shabazz Palaces’ The Don Of Diamond Dreams makes it their most complete album to date

Shabazz Palaces’ most recent album however, might be their most complete album to date. The Don Of Diamond Dreams was released back in April and was a release I definitely overlooked, but listening back to it, I can confidently say that it is one of the most interesting pieces of music I’ve listened to this year. Growth. That’s the word to describe Shabazz Palaces and their musical evolution over the years. Their ability as a duo to constantly draw influences from the current musical landscape, while providing a reflective and eclectic project speaks volumes about their talents as musicians. The Don Of Diamond Dreams is a cosmic masterpiece, a youthful album about inner growth and fatherhood, beautifully captured in a 10 track album that sounds timeless. Read more

Help is an astonishing, memorable body of work that cements Duval Timothy as one of the most important contemporary musicians of his time

There’s still a lot about the album I haven’t said, I can go on for ages talking about my love for it. The raw humanity of this album is what makes it so relatable and amazing to me. He channels such a pure, emotive energy on this project that I haven’t quite felt in a very long time. The textures, instrumental layers and incredible samples throughout this project is just something else, and I really hope he continues to thrive and succeed because he deserves all the success and love he can get. Help is an astonishing, memorable body of work that cements Duval Timothy as one of the most important contemporary musicians of his time. Read more



SWARVY has been among my favourite producers and musicians for a while now. Being heavily involved in this incredibly exciting new wave of phenomenal jazz, hip-hop and electronic music, he has established himself as a pioneer of this new sound. His brand new album SUNNY DAYS BLUE is here, and sees him shift musically in a brand new direction. It’s a melodic, guitar and synth heavy project that sees him sing beautifully over lavish, smooth and jazzy soundscapes. He’s more focused on creating atmospheric compositions than beats, and his ability to create something that sounds truly mesmerising and powerful is truly inspiring to see. I hope he continues experimenting and pushing boundaries because SWARVYis a generational talent, one whose music will stand the test of time.

Ohbliv – LewseJoints Number 8 (a) & LeweseJoints Number 8 (b)

Back-to-back projects from Richmond, Virginia legend Ohbliv. His Lewse Joints projects have been usually exceptional, and these two are no different. LewseJoints Number 8 (a) features incredibly soulful and groove heavy beats such as “Sky Ribbons”, “Smooth Wreck” and “1992 Pog Champ” while LewseJoints Number 8 (b) features incredibly funky joints such as “Auric Feels”, “Raw Preserves” and “Mountain View”. His incredible sampling coupled with his lavish and dynamic beats make him one of the most eclectic and musically diverse producers around, and the level of consistency and quality he releases his music at is something to be respected. Ohbliv is simply one of the best producers of the last decade or so and I’m sure he’ll continue to excel in years to come!

Shunaji – Cosmic Blues EP

Shunaji is the future of soul and hip-hop. Her 2019 EP Blue Melon was exceptional, and she is now back with a brand new project titled Cosmic Blues. The 4 track EP was inspired by a recent trip to California on which she soaked up the nature and contemplated connecting with the cosmos. The production throughout this project is incredible, with groovy basslines and synths that are soulful and absolutely mesmeric. Her vocal range throughout is incredible, and her rhymes are stellar as per usual. “Cosmic Blues” and “Wild Coast” are both incredible tracks and “On My Mind” featuring My Rugema is lavish, textured and ethereal track that captures a cosmic, beautiful and timeless sound. Her single “Dirty Girls” sounds amazing in the context of this EP, and the project as a whole just puts a huge smile on my face. Be sure to support!

Stas Thee Boss – On The Quarner (Mastered)

New-York based emcee Stas Thee Boss has come through with an incredible new short EP titled On The Quarner (Mastered). Presented as one track, this project is an obscure, soulful masterpiece with incredible synth-heavy production that provides a lavish, soulful soundscape for Stas The Boss’ incredible introspective and abstract lyricism. Each track is hilariously separated by Dr. Umar Johnson voice clips. It’s a truly captivating project that showcases the extent of her talents as an emcee. I hope more people get to listen to her music, as it’s definitely something to support!

EYEDRESS – Let’s Skip To The Wedding

LA-based Filipino musician EYEDRESS has released his brand new album titled Let’s Skip To The Wedding. I usually charactarise his music as a hazy, psychedelic trip, with lavish, guitar and synth-heavy compositions that sound pretty and soulful. Over 19 tracks on this incredible new album, he is able to create a groovy, ethereal rock album that is every bit as engaging and exciting as I had hoped. Tracks like “Can I See You Tonight?” and “Romantic Lover” are subdued, synth-pop masterpieces that sound like vintage Ariel Pink, while more dynamic tracks like “Happy Hour” and “Never Been To Prom” are incredibly lush and beautifully textured, showcasing his eclecticism and musical diversity as an artist. “Trauma” is one of my favourites on the album, with a gorgeous vocal performance from an uncredited female vocalist Eyedress himself. I really played myself thinking it was someone else, but for what it’s worth, that vocal performance was angelic! The whole album is absolutely stunning and showcases EYEDRESS’ talents as one of the most exciting musicians this year. An amazing album I will be listening to for some time to come!

AceMo – I Want To Believe

New York-based electronic musician AceMo has released a brand new project titled I Want To Believe. Recorded in 2014 and 2019-2020, this 7-track project is a reminder of AceMo’s talents as a producer. The dynamic, funky and eclectic electronic house grooves throughout are just infectious, as synth-heavy and atmospheric tracks like “Sequence of Life” and “Time Travelin” are examples of these smooth and funky sonic soundscapes that are just incredibly infectious and wonderfully composed. “Just Want U 2 Know” is also another incredible track. As a whole, it’s an incredibly lush and textured project that hits so hard. Definitely one to listen to for the future!

Hakura Salt – HakuraMart EP

Japanese and now New York based artist Hakura has come through with an excellent new project titled HakuraMart EP as Hakura Salt. This is the first time I’ve listened to her music, and I’m already enthralled by the levels of energy she is able to bring with her electronic, house EP. Tracks like “Pitch ‘n Itch” featuring Fat Tony and “Family Mart Riddim'” bring exceptional levels of energy and groove, with dynamic compositions that sound enthralling and masterfully composed. The cover alone makes me miss Japan, but it’s the engaging, thumping music that keeps me engaged and fascinated. It’s such a good, electronic album.

FAUZIA – Fragments

London-based producer FAUZIA has come through with an exceptional 2-track EP titled Fragments. I’ve been a fan of her incredible music for a while now, and this new project is a sublime bit of electronic, drum n bass inspired music that brings stunning compositions, with textured synth leads and effects, coupled with incredible beats throughout making for an engaging, wonderfully colourful listen. The textures and beat arrangements on “INSURRECTION” are incredible, while the drum and bass of “berceuse” is simply mesmeric. The electronic effects and synths throughout these two tracks make it an engaging and beautifully textured listen, and I definitely recommend you listen to her music!

Weekly Playlist

Shabazz Palaces – Fast Learner ft Purple Tape Nate (The Don Of Diamond Dreams)
Shabazz Palaces – Bad Bitch Walking ft Stas THEE Boss (The Don Of Diamond Dreams)
Shabazz Palaces – Thanking The Girls (The Don Of Diamond Dreams)
Duval Timothy – Fall Again ft Lil Silva & Melanie Faye (Help)
Duval Timothy – Groundnut ft Twin Shadow (Help)
Duval Timothy – C (Help)
Shunaji – Cosmic Blues (Cosmic Blues)
Barney Artist – DO WHAT YOU DO ft Ghostpoet & Lex Amor (LOFI LOCKDOWN: THE REISSUE)
Al Johnson – I’ve Got My Second Wind (Back for More)
Leroy Hudson – Give This Love a Try (The Man!)
Anderson .Paak – Lockdown Remix ft JID, Noname & Jay Rock (Lockdown: Remix Bundle)
Stas THEE Boss – On The Quarner (On The Quarner)
Eyedress – My Girl the Finest (Let’s Skip to the Wedding)

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