Weekly Roundup (8th June – 14th June)

Hey everyone, hope you’re all keeping healthy and safe these days. The Black Lives Matter protests are still going on, as they should, and in case you want to learn about what’s been going on in the world, and different funds and organisations to donate to, make sure you click here. I am with everyone on the fight for freedom and justice, so sending love and strength.

But I’m here for the music after all, so without further ado, here’s this week’s roundup.


On MANNYFORNIA, Black Josh has crafted a cohesive, dynamic and eclectic album with intricate flows and verses highlighting his skills as an emcee

Manchester-based emcee Black Josh has come through with a brand new album titled MANNYFORNIA, and it is produced entirely by fellow MCR resident and LEVELZ affiliate, Metrodome. His eerie, spacious and often atmospheric production complements Black Josh’s dark, visceral and introspective lyricism perfectly, and this new album pushes their creativity to new heights with a dynamic, menacing and infectious new sound. Black Josh’s pen game has definitely improved throughout, while Metrodome’s production sounds as visceral and eclectic as ever before. Read more


Sporting Life – labplex​.​eco

New York-based electronic producer and overall creative polymath Sporting Life has come through with a lush, textured and eclectic new project titled labplex​.​eco. Known and loved by me for his textured, experimental and soulful music, he has exceeded expectations with a dynamic, synth-heavy project that combines smooth and soulful tracks like “Spor’teryx” and “Blue Zones” featuring Zola Aminah with more dynamic and beat-heavy records such as “THE World IS OUR LAB” and “Zaha Code.” He continues to push his own boundaries musically with eclectic compositions that range from dance-heavy to more moody and melodic. So I definitely recommend you check this one out and support!

Chris Crack – White People Love Algorithms

Chicago-based emcee Chris Crack is back with another excellent new project titled White People Live Algorithms. The soulful and crispy sound he’s been able to craft over the years with his albums is translated on this project, as his drug raps add personality and character to this rich and textured sound. The production on tracks like “Internet Don’t Have Feelings, “Never Enough Weed” and “Epiphany’s Are Important” is soulful and jazzy, capturing a crisp, retro sound that sounds incredible. Throughout the 16-track album, Chris Crack flexes his lyricism brilliantly as he showcases his incredible consistency with every album. Definitely worth a listen.

Tenderlonious – TENDER IN LAHORE

London-based flutist and overall talented musician Tenderlonious has released a brand new 3-track project titled TENDER IN LAHORE featuring an instrumental quartet from Pakistan – Jaubi. The sound he’s able to create is moody, reflective and soulful, incorporating elements of traditional Indian music, creating a vivid and vibrant soundscape that perfectly captures the soul and identity of contemporary Indian and Pakistani music. It’s well worth the listen for something more reflective and meditative.

Lexsoul Dancemachine – Lexplosion II

Lexsoul Dancemachine are an Estonian, dance/funk/soul group. Their groovy and funky compositions have shaped their identity as one of the most exciting groups in the last few years, and with the release of their new album Lexplosion II, they further that reputation as one of the most dynamic and incredibly talented bands around. From the infectious groove of “Basics” with Luiz Black to the incredible textures and beat of “Supersoul,” the band create an incredible soundscape full of explosive rhythms and bass-heavy grooves. Definitely one to check out!

Martin $ky – In Real Time

Chicago-based producer Martin $ky has released his brand new album titled In Real Time. The talented beatmaker is known for his lavish and soulful compositions, and with this new album he continues delivering. Tracks like “You’ll Find” and “Puzzles” are highlights for me, as they create picturesque soundscapes full of incredible synths and thumping beats that are just incredible throughout the whole album. Definitely worth supporting if you’re into lo-fi beats and all.

Anatolian Lover – Root Section

German producer Anatolian Lover has come through with a brand new project titled Root Section. The 6-track EP features incredible beats, guitar-leads and a moody, reflective tone that captures his smooth and soulful aesthetic beautifully throughout. The samples and loops throughout the project add texture and personality to the beats, with keys and synths throughout adding a soothing quality to the overall sound. Definitely worth a listen!

Thijsenterprise – Snits

Barcelona-based musician Thijsenterprise has released a brand new 8-track project that captures his eclecticism as a producer. The jazz-heavy tone on the album as a whole is incredible. “Tribute to the Duke (Nukem)” is a phenomenal opener, with heavy horns throughout and live drumming that add to the infectious energy of the track. The manic energy of “Livin’ a Hell of a Life” is also great, as the dominant basslines add groove to the eclectic and lively energy of the track as a whole. The moody and reflective “One For DJ W” closes the project beautifully with horn leads that add soul and a sense of melancholy. Overall, Thijsenterprise exceeds expectations with a dynamic, jazz record that is incredibly composed. Worth a listen!

Jonny Drop – Sub Plot II

London-based musician Jonny Drop has released an incredible hip-hop instrumental album titled Sub Plot II. Throughout the 25-track album, he flexes his sampling and chopping ability, digging into his crates and creating an intricate, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable beat tape that brings a reflective, moody yet colourful sound. The expansive soundscape is a testament to his skills as a producer and record collector,. This is definitely worth a listen, and if you’re unfamiliar with his work, I would suggest checking out his first Sub Plot album.

Weekly Playlist

Black Josh – ENDZ ft OT Babyface & Mennis (MANNYFORNIA)
Black Josh – VIMPTO ft Abeni & Coops (MANNYFORNIA)
Sporting Life – Spor’teryx ft Jiin (Labplex.Eco)
Sporting Life – Tales from the Loop ft MIKE (Labplex.Eco)
Chris Crack – Internet Don’t Have Feelings (White People Love Algorithms)
Wiki – Cash Out (prod. A Lau & Tony Seltzer) (Single)
Anatolian Lover – Take Me Home (Root Section)
MARTIN $KY – A Good Book ft autumn keys (In Real Time)
Elusive – Intrepid Dream (Single)
Wun Two – composition africane (Single)
Jimetta Rose & Busdriver – Athletes and Entertainers (Single)
Thijsenterprise – One For DJ W (Snits)
Lexsoul Dancemachine – Basics ft Luiz Black (Lexplosion II)
Tenderlonious – Impressions ft Jaubi (TENDER IN LAHORE)

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