Weekly Roundup (25th May – 31st May)

Love to everyone this week. He’s this week’s music roundup.


With his poignant and poetic raps, Medhane continues to blossom as an incredible artist on his new album Cold Water

Over the last few years, Brooklyn-based artist Medhane has blossomed into one of the most exciting and versatile hip-hop artists working today. On his new album Cold Water, the talented musician continues expanding on his sound with intricate verses about his own state of mind, while delivering a dynamic and varied soundscape throughout the 15 track album. He’s able to convey his emotions and feelings throughout the album with a sense of clarity throughout the entire project. The production throughout is soulful and crisp, as it paints different moods with the help of some of the most exciting and forward-thinking producers working today. Cold Water is an incredible body of work, and shows exactly why he is one of the most respected rappers working today. Read more

Preservation’s vast and detailed new album Eastern Medicine, Western Illness is potent and relevant to today’s political and social landscape

Preservation’s Eastern Medicine, Western Illness is a heavy and cohesive body of work that tackles the issues of authoritarianism and control within Hong Kong and the wider issues of systemic racism throughout the world. Each feature delivers personal verses over Preservation’s moody and textured soundscape, giving different perspectives on life altogether. It’s a fantastic body of work that definitely needs supporting! Read more

With Alfredo, Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist have released a concise, textured and introspective new masterpiece for the times

With Alfredo, Freddie Gibbs and Alchemist have released a short, concise, textured and introspective album that tackles issues of institutional racism and drug life with a sense of clarity. The chemistry between both of these incredible artists is just perfect, as they create a new masterpiece for the times. An amazing body of work, and I hope there’s more to come for these two. Read more


Fly Anakin – The 8’s (2015-2018)

Richmond, Virginia-based artist Fly Anakin has released a collection of older and unreleased tracks titled The 8’s (2015-2018). The talented rapper flexes his skills as an emcee effortlessly throughout these 8 tracks. Tracks like “#Leavemethefuckalone.” and “It Is What It Is” bring explosive energy while “Section 8 Vouchers” and “Wednesday” featuring Henny L.O. bring a more mellow, soulful tone. It’s a dynamic and short tape that showcases Fly Anakin’s diversity as an artist and an emcee. As usual, a massive shoutout to the whole Mutant Academy label and collective, who never fail to impress with their unique, hard-hitting sound. More power to you guys!

Versis – Versis

Talented singer and rapper Versis has released a new self-titled 5-track EP. Versis includes production from Swarvy (and TOYAKO), Zeroh and DIBIA$E, so I already knew this would be a spiritual listen. With hard-hitting, concise production, Versis is able to talk his shit with intent and passion and is helped by the likes of Zeroh, Blu, Nikkō Gray and Ill Camille to deliver a powerful body of work. Tracks like “MiSFiTS” is dub influenced, while the hard-hitting “SUN” is another highlight for me. Please make sure you support Versis and this project because it’s a great listen!

Nikko Gray – INTO THE SOIL

LA-based musician Nikko Gray has released a short but utterly beautiful new 3-track EP titled INTO THE SOIL. The ethereal, otherworldly quality of tracks like “AWESOME.” and “MOMENTUM” are mesmeric, as Nikko Gray’s vocals pierce through these angelic instrumentals with such a gentleness. The dynamic groove on “GOOD MOURNING.” is beautiful as well. Overall, Nikko Gray comes through with a potent, poetic and angelic soul project that perfectly captures her aura and spirit as an artist. Definitely recommend this one!

Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – ZFEX Vol​.​II

Released waaaay back at the beginning of April, Melbourne-based neo-soul and jazz group Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange have released a terrific new project titled ZFEX Vol.II. The 6-track EP is full of groovy, infectious moments brought by incredible percussion and basslines throughout that add grooves upon grooves. “Candy Flip” is a tremendous way to start the project off, with almost tribal-sounding energy that continues beating throughout. The drumming and basslines on “Rendezvous” are fully of infectious energy, as synth leads ripple through the textured soundscape, and “Still Swag” featuring Jitwam is another incredibly groovy moment on the project. The layered, key-heavy “Logans Run” is full of intredible, almost uncontained energy as it explodes to life with heavy, dynamic drumming throughout. “Mas O Menos” and “River Run Deep” continue that dynamic tone going for the last two tracks, the latter of which featuring some incredible synth leads throughout. Overall, this is an incredible body of work that perfectly captures the always growing and thriving Australian neo-soul and jazz scene. It’s a must-listen.

Awkward Corners – Dislocation Songs

Awkward Corners is a project by Chris Menist, a musician, DJ and writer based in London. Dislocation Songs is his new album, and it’s a moody, electronic release that focuses its energy on creating slow, mesmeric and percussive soundscapes. Drummer Sarathy Korwar features on the album, and his contributions are exceptional. The sound he’s able to bring through his drumming and percussion is incredible, with tracks like “Just Around The Corner” and “John Dillinger’s Death Mast Parts 1 and 2” feeling almost spiritual in their energy. The Indian music influence Sarathy is able to bring through his contributions are beautiful too. The incredible rhythms on “He Was Together” and “No Green Lights” are other highlights on the album for me. Overall, this is a pretty fantastic body of work and one that needs supporting!

Ego Ella May – Give A Little (Single)

London-based singer Ego Ella May has established herself as one of the most talented singers in the country, and a real favourite of mine. It’s the tone and cadence of her voice that makes her presence so mystifying sometimes. This is exactly the case on her new single “Give A Little,” produced by the amazing Eun and Melo-Zed. The beat is gorgeous, with a groove and soul to it that is just infectious, and her vocals are as smooth as honey. It’s a gorgeous, melodic track that will have a lot of replay value for some time to come, and I cannot wait for her upcoming debut album because it may be a contender for album of the year if it sounds as soulful, funky and mesmeric as this track. Much love!

Nubya Garcia – Pace (Single)

London-based saxophonist Nubya Garcia has finally released a brand new single titled “Pace.” It is a beautifully textured, vibrant and lush record that matches the same intense energy as she’s been able to bring on previous releases. On this track, she brings Joe Armon-Jones on keys, Sam Jones on drums and Daniel Casimir on bass. The track meanders through different tempos and intensity, but it’s the lively, almost tribal tone and energy of the track as a whole that makes it utterly spellbinding. The intensity of the drumming and keys especially at the latter stages of the track is enchanting, as Nubya’s incredible saxophone melodies elevates the track even further. It’s an incredible piece of jazz music and I hope you all tap into this sound because her next album will be a masterpiece!

Weekly Playlist

Medhane – TRS ft Navy Blue (Cold Water)
Medhane – Watch My Step ft Jadasea (Cold Water)
Medhane – Don’t Fuck Around (Cold Water)
Preservation – Lemon Rinds ft billy woods (Eastern Medicine, Western Illness)
Preservation – Correspondence ft Your Old Droog & Mach-Hommy (Eastern Medicine, Western Illness)
Preservation – A Cure For The Common ft Ka (Eastern Medicine, Western Illness)
Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist – God Is Perfect (Alfredo)
Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist – Look At Me (Alfredo)
Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist – Something To Rap About ft Tyler, The Creator (Alfredo)
Fly Anakin – #Leavemethefuckalone. (The 8’s 2015-2018)
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Rendezvous (ZFEX Vol.II)
Ego Ella May – Give A Little (Single)
Jyoti (Georgia Anne Muldrow) – This Walk (Single)
Nubya Garcia – Pace (Single)
Maxwell Owin & Phoebs – Come With the Ragga (Single)
Awkward Corners – He Was Together (Dislocation Songs)

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