Weekly Roundup (13th April – 18th April)

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone’s still keeping healthy and safe. It feels like I’m repeating myself at this point, but we move! It’s been a decent week of releases, but still too much to look forward to. Without further ado, here’s the weekly roundup!


On Pray For Paris, Westside Gunn expands and elevates his legacy as one of the hungriest and most consistent artists of this generation

Westside Gunn is one of the most most focused and consistent artists in recent years. With every project, he reaches new heights musically, bringing some of the very best musicians together to create timeless music. Pray for Paris is no different. It’s a cohesive, soulful and intricate rap album with elite rapping and stunning production that captures his ever inspiring aura. It’s definitely contender for album of the year, and I’m so happy seeing the guys for Griselda winning. Read more


Serengeti & Kenny Segal – AJAI

Enigmatic Chicago-based rapper Serengeti is an underground legend. With his signature witty yet introspective lyricism, he has been able to create a bizarre yet fascinating world for himself. His Kenny Dennis projects still hold up today, and he has remained in the shadows for the most part, working and releasing music independently without much promo. He is back however with a brand new project titled AJAI, produced entirely by legendary LA producer Kenny Segal. With his guitar and synth-led production and boom-bap beats throughout, Serengeti is able to craft an intimate, introspective album full of intricate raps with clever wordplay and eclectic flows throughout the 16 tracks on this album. It’s an impressive body of work that requires multiple listens to truly appreciate his artistry.

Camden Malik – Uncommon

Sacramento musician Camden Malik has released a fun, uptempo new album titled Uncommon. With trap-influenced production and an engaging delivery, the now New York-residing talent is able to create a soulful and personal body of work that showcases his skills as an emcee and producer. It’s a reflective body of work that looks back at past experiences, as he flows effortlessly over the glossy, bass-heavy production. It’s a good body of work showcasing the extent of his talents as an artist.

DøøFus -“Barça Tape​.​”

New York based rapper and producer DøøFus has come through with a brand new project titled “Barça Tape​.​” It’s an instrumental project featuring dusty loops and soulful beats that bring a grimy, gritty sound that perfectly captures the dark, unsettling New York sound. From the opener “Gaudi Jewels” to the closer “bought an mpc to cope w return anxiety” DøøFus is able to create a murky, Barcelona-themed sound throughout its 16 tracks. If you enjoy that unapologetically raw East Coast sound, then do check this out.

Kilamanzego – These Roots Are On Fire EP

Philadelphia-based producer Kilamanzego has released a phenomenal new EP titled These Roots Are On Fire. With a heavy, futuristic sound that combines synth leads, incredibly placed samples and whopping beats, the talented producer shines through with a project that sounds cohesive and lively. I’ve had tracks like “These Roots Are On Fire” and “Exploration” on repeat for the last half an hour. Her music is genuinely addicting, as she’s able to bring an energy that is frankly unmatched so far this year. Thumping, quirky electronic beats that sound outstanding. Incredible music from a producer that’s just getting started. Great fucking job!

Alfa Mist & Emmavie – Epoch EP (Remastered)

Already released in 2014, London-based musicians Alfa Mist and Emmavie have reissued their classic EP Epoch. In addition to this remastered version, they have included a brand new track to the project titled “Energy.” There’s nothing much to say about these two talents other than the fact that they really are among some of the most talented and important musicians the city has produced. With gorgeous, soulful and organic production, Emmavie’s stunning vocals bring soul and incredible beauty. The chords and keys on “Energy” are stunning too, really bringing an ethereal, stunning tone to the music. Make sure you do support!

hymnal – by, intention.

hymnal, also known as Illohim, has released a brand new project titled by, intention.. The 7 track body of work features some gorgeous melodies driven by keys and synth leads and loops that perfectly capture the soul and reflective nature of his music. It’s a truly mesmeric body of work, with ethereal synths and spacious melodies that capture my imagination throughout the entire project. The Raleigh, North Carolina producer is really able to create a masterful body of work, and I hope to see him thriving in the future.

Declann – Cill La

UK-based musician Declann has come through with a warped out, experimental new project titled Cill La. 10 tracks and only 18 minutes in length, this project acts as a collage of ideas and sonic paintings that range from meditative to harsh and abrasive. The lavish, jazzy instrumentals on tracks like “2d” and “Dream Envy” are gorgeous, while “Do Electric” is a harsh and unassuming track that stands out to me as one of the best on this album. Overall, Declann should be proud of this one, it’s a terrific body of work and I can’t wait to hear more!

Ivan Ave – Hope​/​Nope & Guest List Etiquette (Singles)

Oslo-based artist Ivan Ave has released two new singles titled “Hope/Nope” and “Guest List Etiquette” ahead of his highly anticipated new album Double Goodbyes, set to be released on the 24th April. “Hope/Nope” features stunning production from Sasac, whose guitars, synths and drums are gorgeous, creating this soulful, lavish and meditative soundscape for Ivan Ave to sing his heart out and talk his shit. “Guest List Etiquette” has production from Mndsgn and Devin Morrison, and as expected, it’s funkaaaaay. The track features additional vocals from Joyce Wrice, who yet again delivers stunning vocals to complement Ivan Ave’s introspective and love-filled verse. I’m really looking forward to the album, and I hope Ivan Ave sees continuous success and growth throughout 2020.

Shunaji – Dirty Girls (Single)

London-based musician Shunaji has released an excellent new single titled “Dirty Girls.” She describes it as “a reflection of my roots and inspirations that lie deep within jazz, trip-hop, synthwave and soulful music.” The aura of the track really matches the description, with a lively, jazzy, hypnotic and soulful instrumental that complements Shunaji’s deep lyrical themes about gender and sexuality, challenging us to think about ways to approach the topic with more heart and understanding. It’s a beautiful track and I hope she continues to thrive musically, because she continues to step the quality of her music up with every release.

Weekly Playlist

Westside Gunn – 327 ft Joey Bada$$, Tyler The Creator & Billie Essco (Pray For Paris)
Westside Gunn – $500 Ounces ft Freddie Gibbs & Roc Marciano (Pray For Paris)
Westside Gunn – Party wit Pop Smoke ft Keisha Plum (Pray For Paris)
Serengeti & Kenny Segal – Check Kenny (AJAI)
Ivan Ave – Guest List Etiquette ft Joyce Wrice (Single)
Ivan Ave – Hope/Nope ft Sasac (Single)
Shunaji – Dirty Girls (Single)
Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – Nightrider ft Freddie Gibbs (Single)
Alfa Mist & Emmavie – Energy (Epoch EP)
Kilamanzego – These Roots Are On Fire (These Roots Are On Fire EP)
LUCKI – Faith (Single)
Camden Malik – Tom & Jerry ft King Carter (Uncommon)
hymnal – Thoughts from an Isolation Chamber (By, Intention.)
K, Le Maestro – CAIS DO SODRE (Single)
Wun Two – deux jeunes filles (Single)
Declann – Una (Cill La)

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