Weekly Roundup – 2nd March – 8th March

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you’ve all had a good week! It’s been a busy few days and I’m really trying my best to cover every dope project and single that’s been released recently. In some of these weekly roundups you may find projects that came out a few weeks ago – I forget, it’s normal. So without further ado, lets get into it!


Haleek Maul’s reflective and inward-looking new album Errol deals with loss and growth beautifully

The Brooklyn-born and Barbados-raised rapper Haleek Maul is back with a cohesive, personal and potent new album titled Errol. It’s named after his late grandfather, who was supportive of Haleek Maul’s musical transformation. He grieves on this album, finding solace and peace in the process. Errol is a a cohesive and infectious body of work that takes inspiration from the electronic subtleties of Aphex Twin to the current wave of dark trap music. Read more

Suddenly, Caribou’s first album in 6 years, is a colourful and soulful body of work that matches the enigmatic aura of his previous albums

Canadian electronic musician Dan Snaith aka Caribou has been at the forefront of some of the most exciting music of the last decade. 2010’s Swim and 2014’s Our Love are two unique albums with soundscapes that sound far apart yet from the same DNA. His eclecticism is prevalent throughout his brand new studio album. Suddenly is another memorable body of work from the musical chameleon. He combines moody, soulful soundscapes with more jittery, restless moments that feature elements of dance, hip-hop and house music. Read more


Maassai – C0N​$​TRUCT​!​0N 002: The Caution Tape

Brooklyn-based artist Maassai has released her highly anticipated follow up to her 2019 C0N$TRUCT!0N… tape. In a short space of time she has become one of my favourite rappers, partly due to the incredible features she has done on Pink Siifu, AKAI SOLO and Medhane projects. The 5 tracks on her new tape C0N$TRUCT!0N 002: The Caution Tape are musically dense, with intricate production from the likes of Theo Mode, Canteen Killa, Tah, Caleb Giles and Brown Buddha. The energy she brings with her raps is infectious, with a visceral and confident tone that makes me want to return to her music all the time. I can tell I’ll be coming back to this project for a while.

Nelson Bandela – Sexiest Ugly N***a Alive mixtape

Brooklyn-based artist Nelson Bandela has come through with a fun new mixtape titled Sexiest Ugly N***a Alive. Having known about him through features mainly, this is my first introduction to the man’s solo material. With synth-heavy trap-inspired production from DJ SPlice da Loop Gawd, he is able to craft an entertaining project full of witty bars and introspective moments. It’s a colourful and engaging project, and I hope to hear more from the talented artist in the future.

Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin – 360 SANTANA

Mutant Academy members Big Kahuna OG and Fly Anakin come through with a brand new collaborative project titled 360 SANTANA. The 10 tracks are produced by Fly Anakin, with Big Kahuna OG taking over rapping duties. The beats are hard-hitting yet soulful, as the drums pulsate through the intricate and beautiful soundscape Fly Anakin is able to produce on here. Big Kahuna OG has already established himself as a fantastic emcee, and on this project he exceeds expectations yet again. He switches his flow up throughout the album while bringing introspective and personal lyricism. He is sharp on the mic, and combined with Fly Anakin’s excellent production, this album is definitely worth checking out.

R.A.P. Ferreira – purple moonlight pages

Oh man, this album needs heavy digesting. R.A.P Ferreira, fka milo aka scallops hotel has released a brand new album titled purple moonlight pages. Over 18 tracks, the talented rapper and producer has created a colourful, experimental and wild new album that brings his wit, intellect and skills as an emcee over crazy, warped-out production. From the opener “DECORUM” to the closer “MASTERPLAN,” this album is dense with intricate raps and engaging moments. Tracks like “ABSOLUTES” bring this infectious boom-bap sound that complements the oddity of his character. There’s still a lot to digest lyrically about this project, which is what makes it such a fun and engaging release.

Rago Foot – Lost In The Current Part 1

London-based rapper, producer, designer and all-round talented artist Rago Foot has come through with a new project titled Lost In The Current Part 1. The entire 5-track EP is produced from the talented musician, and features tracks I’ve heard him perform live. “Off Ends” kicks the project off with a jittery, eerie beat and an infectious verse from Rago, who’s flow is incredible throughout. The rest of the EP is melodic at times (“Keep Swimming” and “Know Your Worth) and visceral at others (“Can’t Buy Love” and “Blessed”). Contributions from Joe Armon-Jones on synth bass and Hannah Hever on clarinet add a soulful texture to the tape, making it a colourful and engaging body of work. Can’t wait for more music from the creative polymath.

Amore Bey – Seeds Of Love

Talented musician Amore Bey has released a brand new EP titled Seeds Of Love. The rapper and singer has released a soulful, mesmeric new project features some introspective raps about inner growth, manifesting his own definition of success in a potent, poetic way. The production on this 4-track EP is colourful, with synths and guitar leads that add texture and soul to the music. His sung vocals bring a lot of life and beauty to the project too, showing his range as a vocalist. The meditative energy on tracks like “Deeply Rooted” and “Seeds Of Love” are examples of what I’m talking about – they are smooth, soulful, beautifully arranged. The tribal and fast-paced energy on “Thru Da Fire” is great too, while “Almost Home x Amaru Almighty13” bring the project to a reflective end. I definitely recommend you check him out!

Emma-Jean Thackray – RAIN DANCE

London-based composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, bandleader and DJ Emma-Jean Thackray has released her brand new highly anticipated 4-track EP RAIN DANCE. All I can say is, this project sounds absolutely magical. From the infectious, mesmeric and stunning keys to the intricate drumming, the project is full of memorable moments. “Rain Dance / Wisdom” is the clear highlight, with incredible horn and key sections bursting into life and continuing with a tempo that’s upbeat and truly stunning. The vocals on “Open” are super soulful and infectious, while the drumming on “Open (again)” is great. The 2-step on “Movementt” ends the project off with an upbeat, infectious and dance-heavy groove that perfectly captures the essence of her music. It’s a great project, and I’m always looking forward to more!

Tiombé Lockhart – The Aquarius Years

Tiombé Lockhart has already established herself as one of the most exciting neo-soul musicians of her generation. Her vocals are stunning, and on her new re-released album The Aquarius Years, she continues to show us why she’s one of the greatest! Featuring Robert Glasper and Bilal, the project feels intimate, with soulful synths and guitar leads that add texture and beauty to the music. “Sexy Suzy on a Sunday” is my favourite track off this 7-track project. Tiombé Lockhart’s angelic vocals on that track are absolutely amazing and coupled with an incredibly smooth and lavish instrumental, the track is almost heavenly. Of course the entire project is full of angelic, textured and absolutely stunning moments that captivate me from beginning to end. It’s a fantastic album, and I hope to hear more from the talented musician!

KOKOROKO – Carry Me Home (Single)

KOKOROKO the young, London based Afrobeat 8-Piece band led by trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey are back with a brand new single and oh I’m excited. “Carry Me Home” is a stunningly beautiful track with infectious horn sections and key arrangements that perfectly capture the aura and soul of the group, with vocals that sound utterly gorgeous and drumming that’s just riveting. It’s a track dedicated to Maurice-Grey’s late cousin, and percussionist Onome Edgeworth’s grandfather, and perfectly captures the soul and aura of the group with a breathtaking composition that sounds timeless. I hope there’ll be a full-length project soon because I can’t get enough of them!

Ego Ella May – How Long ‘Til We’re Home (Single)

London-based neo-soul singer and songwriter Ego Ella May has released a stunning new single titled “How Long ‘Til We’re Home”. Her vocals are as sweet as honey, as she sings beautifully over a guitar and piano-heavy composition that brings out such beauty and captures Ego Ella May’s heavenly aura. Her vocals perfectly complement the lavish instrumental. The track as a whole is absolutely stunning, and I’m really looking forward to her new album, which will come out in the next few months. Stay tuned for that!

Weekly Playlist

Haleek Maul – We Wid It ft Jah Koda (Errol)
Haleek Maul – Halo ft Mick Jenkins (Errol)
maassai – Glo in the Dark (C0n$truct!0n 002: The Caution Tape)
Nelson Bandela – Make Mine EF (Sexiest Ugly N***a Alive)
Ivan Ave – Phone Won’t Charge (Single)
R.A.P Ferreira – ABSOLUTES (purple moonlight pages)
Knxwledge – dont be afraid (Single)
FloFilz – Uferlos (Beats On Boat: FloFilz)
Tiombé Lockhart – Sexy Suzy On A Sunday ft Bilal (The Aquarius Years)
KOKOROKO – Carry Me Home (Single)
Ego Ella May – How Long ‘Til We’re Home (Single)
Emma-Jean Thackray – Rain Dance / Wisdom (RAIN DANCE)
PYJÆN – Sage Secrets ft Blue Lab Beats (Single)
Caribou – Like I Loved You (Suddenly)
Four Tet – Baby (Single)

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