Weekly Roundup – 24th January – 1st March

Happy Sunday everyone! Been a busy one but I’m back with a brand new weekly roundup featuring some exciting new projects and singles. I predict a lot of great releases in the next couple of weeks, for sure. So without further ado, let’s get into the music!


Drowsy, atmospheric and filled with an air of optimism, Man Alive! is King Krule’s most sobering album to date

The wait is officially over for King Krule’s new album. His third project under the King Krule name is called Man Alive! and represents a slight tonal and sonic shift from his previous works. At 14 tracks, it’s also his shortest album to date, sitting at 41 minutes. Upon first listen, Man Alive! sounded oddly fragmented. It lacked cohesion and the same type of flow that was present on his first two projects. The more I sat with it however, the more I felt the nuances in sound and paid attention to the lyrics, the more I warmed up to this change of direction. Read more



US-based artist SIDESHOW has released an excellent new tape titled FARLEY. Associated with the independent hip-hop scene bubbling in the US at the moment, this project is an eclectic, hard-hitting and wildly enjoyable piece of music that perfectly captures the beauty and raw emotive energy from that scene. Production is handled by SIDESHOW, Kahlilblu, SUPERSPORTLO, Alexander Spit, Ricky Spanish and Budgie. SIDESHOW is able to keep his own when rapping throughout, and the features are plentiful – Na-Kel Smith, Medhane, Mavi, Zelooperz, MIKE and Navy Blue all appear and kill it! Overall a great little project, and I hope to hear more from the talented musician soon.

bJ blackpower – OLD EARTH (raps by MIKE & Jadasea with additional production by redLee)

Throughout the last few years, MIKE has been at the forefront of some of the most innovative hip-hop today. He has been in London recently alongside Medhane, Slauson Malone and others to do a few shows and connect with some of the UK-based fam. He has released a new tape with London-based rapper Jadasea titled OLD EARTH. It’s an eclectic, electronic yet jazzy body of work that captures a soulful yet claustrophobic vibe that represents the chilly, windy and cold atmosphere London usually welcomes you with. It’s produced by MIKE himself under his dj blackpower moniker, while redLee handles production on the last track. A great selection of tracks indeed, and I really hope they continue releasing music together!

Gelanadius – The Affairs

Russian producer Gelanadius has come through with a thumping 6-track EP titled The Affairs. I’ve been familiar with the producer’s music for only a couple of weeks now, but since discovering him I’ve fallen in love with his intricate, soulful beats, chopped and sampled brilliantly throughout. Overall a great release, and can’t wait to see this man grow as an artist.

Kassa Overall – I THINK I’M GOOD

Seattle-born and New York-residing jazz musician Kassa Overall has come through with her highly anticipated new album titled I THINK I’M GOOD. As an emcee, singer, producer and drummer, the talented musician is able to capture a sound that is seeped in soul, introspection and personality. The live drumming and piano melodies throughout are gorgeous, and the electronic effects throughout make this a futuristic, incredibly engaging release. The features throughout also add so much soul and potency to the release, as each musician adds their own personality and talents to the music. It’s a great release and I hope to hear more from the talented musician soon.

Alfa Mist – On My Ones

London-based producer Alfa Mist comes through with a beautiful piano-driven project titled On My Ones. Known for his lavish, beautiful compositions, which were prevalent all throughout his last album Structuralism, this project is a wonderful change of pace. The piano-led compositions are intricate, soulful and utterly beautiful. Alfa Mist has really exceeded expectations for this project, showcasing exactly why he’s one of the best producers working today.

Ross McHenry – Nothing Remains Unchanged

Australian-based jazz musician Ross McHenry has come through with a brand new album titled Nothing Remains Unchanged. His fourth studio album is a lively one, with gorgeous and lavish compositions inspired by solitude and serenity. There’s an undeniable uplifting tone to this project that makes it such a beautiful listen. Tracks like “East West” and “Woods” are playful, with piano leads and horns providing an ethereal tone to the music. This is something that is present throughout the lengthier compositions such as “Processional” and “This I Give To You,” with lavish and spellbinding moments full of emotive brilliance. Ross McHenry has done it again, and I hope he continues releasing gems like this in the future.

Jesse Koolhaas – Click Me

Dutch Producer Jesse Koolhaas has come through with his new sophomore album titled Click Me. This is my first introduction to the talented musician, and he excelled on all fronts with this release. Slow-paced and focused on mood and atmosphere, Jesse is able to bring smooth, synth and guitar-heavy compositions that capture an oddly warm and playful tone to the music. The playfulness of tracks like “Heywood” and “On the Bus” are complemented by hypnotic guitar and basslines that add a soulful touch I can’t get enough of. It’s like I’m walking through quite parts of a bustling city at night, observing the oddities around me. It’s a terrific album that deserves a lot of coverage. I hope to hear more music from him soon!

Arrom x KAIAR – Truce

Arrom x KAIAR is a collaborative project from Melbourne producers Melissa Vallence and Karla Gilbard. This is the first time I’ve come across both artists, and their new project Truce is a great way to be introduced. Focusing on synth-heavy compositions and heavenly vocals, this album is a true meditative experience. From the soft and ethereal opener “Doubt” to the euphoric and soulful closer “You Remain,” the album is full of angelic, stunning moments that are drenched in the soothing synth-heavy sounds and angelic vocals throughout. It’s a tremendous and utterly beautiful album and I can’t wait to hear more from the two talented musicians.

Cleto Gumbani – Prism (Single)

London-based artists Goya Gumbani and Cleto Maréz come through with an eerie and unsettling new single titled “Prism.” Cleto’s gloomy beat features piercing synths that pierce through the instrumental, as the beat and bassline rumbles throughout, providing Goya with a perfect soundscape to flow and rap on. The breakdown at the end is incredible too, really showcasing the extent of Cleto’s production talents. It’s a fantastic new single and I can’t wait to hear more from the two. Watch the music video to the track below.

Liv.e – LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness (Single)

Dallas, Texas singer Liv.e has released a brand new single and music video titled “LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness.” It’s her second single off her upcoming new album, and at this point I can’t wait for her album. Produced by the great Mejiwahn, this single features a soulful composition with murky guitar leads, subtle synths and a gentle beat. Liv.e’s vocals are soft and provide an ethereal vibe throughout that captures a retro-like soul to the track. It’s amazing and I look forward to the album.

Weekly Playlist

King Krule – Underclass (Man Alive!)
King Krule – Perfecto Miserable (Man Alive!)
Liv.e – LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness (Single)
Jesse Koolhaas – On the Bus (Click Me)
Ahmir the King – On My own ft Mavi (Single)
Shabazz Palaces – Fast Learner ft Purple Tate Nate (Single)
Jadasea – Can’t Slip (Single)
Woody Smalls – What Typa Time ft Isaiah Rashad (Single)
Haleek Maul – Haloo ft Mick Jenkins (Errol)
Cakedog – Finish Line (Menace in the Phantom)
Kassa Overall – Please Don’t Kill Me ft Theo Crocker & Joel Ross (I THINK I’M GOOD)
Freddie Joachim – Bustling (Single)
Arrom x KAIAR – Truce (Truce)
Ross McHenry – Processional (Nothing Remains Unchanged)
Alfa Mist – Withered (On My Ones)

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