Music: Haich Ber Na – Everywhere’s Home

Haich Ber Na is an experimental UK based musician who has released a truly avant-garde, off-kilter and quirky new album titled Everywhere’s Home. It’s a stunning and absolutely captivating project, showcasing his talents as a producer, singer and arranger.

The beats on this EP as a whole are staggeringly good. The wild experimentation he is able to bring with his music is unlike anything I’ve heard this year. The bass-heavy beat and quirky synth leads and melodies make “Forgetful” a brilliant opener, as his smooth and soulful vocals throughout add depth and texture to this record. The beat just jumps out of you randomly at times, bringing a quirky, fascinating quality to the record. It sounds very random and off-beat a lot of the times, but of course, everything is arranged to perfection and it works. “Black Box” is a wild track with jumpy synths and this driving, engine-sounding part to the beat that’s overwhelming and frightening at first. But mixed with the electronic synths and melodic vocal performance from the talented singer, this track becomes a soothing, ethereal one near the end. “Nowhere Like It” has jittery effects, a driving beat and soulful vocals throughout. “Dog in a Kennel” features lighter keys and synths, with a still dominant and off-kilter beat, making this such a fascinatingly produced record. He surprises every turn he takes, bringing a wild energy, which translates on the last track “Another Human Brain.” The way Haich Ber Na is able to navigate his way through the cacophonous and wild landscape on Everywhere’s Home is truly magical, and with it has become one of the most unique and interesting musicians to me. I look forward to witnessing this man’s growth over the next few years.

Listen to Haich Ber Na’s brand new project Everywhere’s Home below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support!

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