Music: K15 – Our Time Is Borrowed

It’s always weird for me to review and cover incredibly personal projects, especially when it has to do with a family member passing away. Legendary producer K15’s newest release, Our Time Is Borrowed is dedicated to his Gran and Grandad, who unfortunately passed away over the course of the year. It is an incredibly personal release, and you can feel it through the soul and passion in his compositions.

The keys, string sections and beats throughout the 5-track project are stunning. “Dearly Departed” starts off with sombre keys and poignant string sections that pierce the heart. It’s such an emotive piece that it almost made my heart sink, thinking about the loss of someone special, someone you deeply care about and love. “Our Mourning,” follows percussion and a beat with chimes and dreamy vocal samples that bring out an ethereal tone to the track. “Their Peace” features gorgeous harps that sound, as the title of the track suggests, peaceful. “Our Time Is Borrowed” features keys that at first seem to mimic a clock ticking, signaling that an end exists, though it continues to grow musically with stunning keys throughout. Then, a hard-hitting beat kicks in, just like a strong heartbeat, with time ticking in the background with those keys. “The Beyond” features flutes drained in mystique, with subtle electronic effects and ambient soundscapes that signify the soul leaving the body into other-worldly, almost alien state. It’s a beautiful way to end the album.

It is a peaceful listen and I wish K15 has found his peace after the passing of his Gran and Grandad. Rest in Peace to both. Listen to K15’s Our Time Is Borrowed below via Bandcamp and don’t forget to support!

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